Site update 1.15.5: Small update

WarLight was just upgraded to version 1.15.4! This is a just small update to fix a few bugs, but real-time tournaments also snuck in.

Real-time tournaments

It’s now possible to make tournaments real-time, which will allow the same boot times that real-time games do.

If a real-time tournament doesn’t start (i.e. fill up with players) within one hour, it will be automatically deleted. This is done as a safety mechanism to ensure that slow-filling tournaments don’t end up starting long after the majority of the players have already left who will then just have to be booted.

The primary intent of real-time tournaments are for players who organize their tournaments outside of the game (such as by announcing them ahead of time on the forums). Just creating a real-time tournament and expecting it to full up on its own is unlikely to work out well.

Teammate Card Fix

There’s a change in this update that should fix a problem that sometimes came up in real-time team games that involved lots of cards.

If a team has two copies of the same type of card (say, two order priority cards), it can sometimes be difficult to split the two cards between two teammates in real-time games. If teammate A tries to play the first card, and teammate B tries to play the second card, and they take their turns at the same time, there’s a chance that they might both try to play the same card which will cause the second committer to get a message telling them that they’re playing a card their teammate played.

This didn’t typically happen in multi-day games since WarLight is smart enough to see what cards your teammate has played, and pick the one in the stack that your teammate didn’t play. However, this can’t happen when both teammates play simultaneously since the game doesn’t know what your teammate has played yet.

In this update, there’s a much better fix to this issue. Now, when the second teammate commits their orders, the server will silently change their orders to use the available card instead of the one their teammate used. Essentially, it will “just work” without either teammate even knowing there was a conflict.

Misc Changes

– Fixed a bug when creating a game from a template that caused the boot drop-downs to not default to the value stored in the template.
– Fixed a bug that caused an error if you clicked Play Card on a surveillance card, opened the (more info) link on a territory, and then clicked a bonus worth 0 armies per turn.
– Fixed a timing bug that occurred if someone declined a tournament at the exact moment that tournament was starting.
– The attack-teammate and diplomacy confirmation dialogs now close when changing phases.
– Fixed a bug that caused the check-boxes on the Statistics->Graphs page to not enable after a game ended.
– Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Facebook signups to fail.

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  1. Have you changed the speed at which events in history play? Because it looks faster for me, and I’m unsure if it’s me or WarLight.

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