Anatomy of a 2v2 game

Players Mythonian and kcscrag have been recording their recent foray into the 2v2 ladder and posting them to YouTube. The result is an excellent game analysis, which is great for seeing what the 2v2 ladder is like or improving your 2v2 game. It’s a lot of fun to watch and they do a great job with the recording and analysis, so check it out:

Also check out their other WarLight videos.

Live 1v1 Tournament this Saturday

This weekend Lolowut and Mythonian are hosting a LIVE 1v1 tournament. It begins at 6pm GMT on the 15th (11am West Coast US) There will be a live stream shortly after it starts analyzing the games. Seeing your game get analyzed is a great learning experience.

Anyone is welcome to join as long as you’re online when it begins. Post a reply in this forum thread if you’re interested in playing. Once it begins, this thread will also have a link to the live stream if you just want to follow along.

2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a 2v2 game”

  1. Thanks for the feature, Fizzer!

    Myself and kcscrag are always looking for criticism and suggestions, so let us know if there’s anything that can be improved upon for the future.

    The tournament tomorrow should work out better than the first one, hopefully. Unfortunately, kcscrag won’t be there, but we’ll manage.

    If anyone’s curious:

  2. Ah! I hope you do more RT tournaments. I will be on a train during this one, but I would love to participate in one in the near future!

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