Site and Android update 1.14.3: Linking territories, icons, auto-join, start button

WarLight has just been updated to version 1.14.3! This blog post contains a summary of what’s changed.

Linking Territories/Bonuses

It’s now possible to send other players links of territories/bonuses through chat! By holding down the control or shift keys on your keyboard while clicking a territory, its name will be inserted into the chat window:

When another player gets this message, they can click on the territory or bonus name, and the game will show them where it is on their map. This is great for coordinating within teams, especially on maps that players might not be familiar with.

In team games, use the Control key to insert the territory or bonus into team chat, and the shift key to insert it into public chat. In non-team games, you can use either control or shift. For private chat, you can use either button, just make sure that the private chat window is the only thing open so that the game knows where to put it.

Game creators auto-join

When creating a game, WarLight no longer requires you to manually join your own game. This helps alleviate a point of confusion that’s sometimes felt by new players when they don’t realize they need to explicitly tell WarLight they want to join their own game. It was a bit silly since they already told WarLight that they want themselves in the game on the invite screen.

The exception to this is when players don’t get their color. In this case, WarLight will prompt them for their alternative color right after creating the game, and join them to the game once they select their color.

Start Game button and the Auto-start setting

Also related to the auto-join feature comes two new features: In the game lobby, there’s now a “Start Game” button that’s usable by the game creator, and there’s a new setting at game creation named “automatically start once all players join.”

Up until now, all WarLight games have always automatically started once all players join it and all open seats are filled. Now, game creators can override this behavior, and make the game wait until they click the new Start Game button. This useful for team games where the game creator wants to ensure that the teams are even before starting the game.

The Start Game button can also be used before everyone has joined. This will start the game right away, even if there are non-accepted players or unfilled open seats. Using it in this way isn’t really a new feature, it’s just a shortcut to using the add/remove players button and removing all non-accepted players and all open seats.

Displayed Turn Number

The meaning behind the turn number that’s displayed in the upper-left corner has changed. Previously, this number displayed the number of turns that had passed in the game, not the turn number that was being built. This is a bit counter-intuitive to some players, so it’s being changed to represent the latter.

All this means is that it’s now one higher than before. For example, it will show “Turn 1” when a game first starts, and “Turn 2” once one turn has passed.

Misc Changes

– Added icons to buttons and orders.
– Added a new open prerequisite, “prevent WarLight members from joining”. This is useful for creating free-membership tournaments.
– Minor updates were made to Small Earth, Earth, Medium Earth, Double Earth, and Double Medium Earth maps. No changes affected gameplay, this was just for fixing a few small visual problems and renaming a couple territories and one bonus.

Android Changes

Players running WarLight on their Android devices can install this new version via the usual method.

An anti-aliasing feature was added to the mobile client. This smooths out the map and helps it look better, particularly on low-resolution devices or when zoomed out. This defaults on and at 2x, but it can be turned off or increased to 4x in the settings.

If you try anti-aliasing, please let me know how well it works for you, along with what type of device you’re using. Anti-aliasing requires more memory from your device, so if you encounter any slowdowns from the previous release you can try turning it off in the settings.

Other changes follow:

– When the orders list is extended, the map now centers the action in the center of the visible area instead of the center of the screen.
– The screen now waits 3 seconds to dim after animations stop playing instead of dimming immediately.
– Bonus link numbers are now rendered at a higher resolution
– Added settings for invite list mode and e-mail visibility.

17 thoughts on “Site and Android update 1.14.3: Linking territories, icons, auto-join, start button”

  1. “– Added a new open prerequisite, “prevent WarLight members from joining”. This is useful for creating free-membership tournaments.”

    Is this prerequisite available to non-members? I don’t think it should be possible to discriminate against members. It’s a disincentive to purchasing a membership.

      1. If its only use is for free membership tournaments, then I think that only members should be able to use that prerequisite (only members can make tournaments).

        1. I agree, allowing members to dis-include non-members is an incentive for getting a membership (this is already in place), but allowing the opposite is just silly, because it allows discrimination against those who felt strongly enough about the site to pay for a membership and support Fizzer, Warlight, and indie-games in general. Other than that, I love the direction the site is heading in. All we need is that clan-function 😉

  2. Also, a fantastic update. I especially like the way territories can be linked in chat. All these little visual improvements are really making Warlight look like a polished, professional product!

    Fizzer: are you getting help with these visuals, or is it still just you?

  3. Sweet. This will help with recording, since we can get a full game before we start recording and just manually start the game when we’re ready. Thanks!

    Small thing I’d recommend for the future: when you have a large number of orders, rearranging them can be a hassle sometimes. Maybe add a number field or scrollbar to quickly move an order to be near the first move or back to the last move. Small thing, but I’ve wished for this a few times before.

      1. That would be nice as well, but sometimes on larger maps (such as Big USA), you can end up with dozens, sometimes hundreds of moves in a turn in certain situations. Simply stating you want an order to be #1 would be easier and faster than dragging it all the way to the top or something.

  4. I REALLY like this update. It is very useful to click on the territories and have them show up in chat. Maybe this is possible and I don’t know it, but it would be even more useful if you could ctrl-click on another player’s name and have that show up in the chat box. I tend to find myself having a harder time dealing with peoples’ names than the territories since sometimes the colors are similar and the names are long.

  5. You can discriminate against members in normal games as well as tournaments. So I agree that it is discriminating against those trying to support warlight and if anything a disincentive towards having membership.

    If the function is to help people make free membership tournaments (which are very rare) why is it also a function for ordinary real time or multi-games?

    My only criticism.

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