Play WarLight face-to-face

WarLight can now be played on Google Hangouts! Using your webcams and microphones, this allows you to replicate the board-game experience of having everyone in the same room, without actually needing to be there.

It’s completely free, so give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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Technical Details

WarLight on Google Hangouts is a slightly scaled back version of WarLight. It supports most game settings, but it’s missing the member-only ones. It can only be used for real-time games, obviously. It supports 8 maps.

This works completely independently from the website. This means you can’t play your games from Google Hangouts, and wins don’t count towards your profile. Its primary goal is to serve as an introduction to WarLight.

5 thoughts on “Play WarLight face-to-face”

  1. This is cool, even if it is kinda gimmicky. It would be cool if you could add video (AND LIVE CHAT) options on the site itself though, I think that would go over well and get a lot of use, but I can see how that’s a lot of work with not a lot of “need” for it, even if it is cool.

    p.s. Seriously though, we need live chat in the games.

  2. general arun: “i wish i had friends in the real world”

    we know that….. about adding the option in the site….. it would just overburden the server with somethign not all that important….. what i believe would be an advantage is some kind of message system with the players which u r not playing with

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