Android Update 1.13.1

A new version of WarLight for Android is now available! The installation instructions are the same as normal. You can find them on the wiki.

Here’s what’s new:

  • The app should now work on Ice Cream Sandwich devices.
  • The orders list now slides out over the map instead of being accessed via the menu. The ability to select and re-sequence orders will come in a later release. For now you can only view and delete them.
  • Cards now have pictures, and a lot of the card UI was touched up.
  • Automatic zooming, similar to the Flash version.
  • Double-tapping the map now zooms in and out.
  • Game menu is now grouped into sub-sections.
  • Team and Public chat are now separate items on the menu, and now flash when new chat is pending.
  • Fixed a bug that caused cards with 0 pieces to show on the cards list.
  • Changing an attack’s mode (attack/transfer, attack only, transfer only) now cycles between the three instead of popping up another menu.
  • Screens that allow you to select a player now show the player’s color.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the title of the Cards screen to be wrong sometimes.
  • Fixed sizing of many items throughout the app, as well as alignment of text in many places.
  • The magnifying glasses no longer get obscured by the history buttons.
  • Volume buttons now adjust the app’s volume more reliably.
  • Numerous other bug fixes throughout the app.

Please e-mail me at with feedback!

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