Season III

Congrats to PaniX on winning Season II! It really came right down to the wire, but PaniX pulled into the lead at the last second. Nice work on a 17-3 season!

Season III will be the first ladder to feature a map other than Medium Earth. Season III will be played on the East Asia & Oceania map!

One of the biggest fundamental differences from Medium Earth is that this map doesn’t wrap around the sides. That means the map effectively has a middle, sides, and corners. Even though it has 8 fewer territories than Medium Earth, this can make it feel larger.

Season III will begin this Friday, April 13th, at midnight GMT. If you were part of Season II, you’re automatically signed up for Season III. If you left Season II, you’ll need to re-join the seasonal ladder to take part in Season III.

You can use this template to see the exact settings: multi-player, single-player.

Good luck!

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  1. Members: go to open tournaments, I made some 16-player practice tournaments using these settings. 25h autoboot.

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