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The WarLight stand-alone client is a single-player only version of WarLight that’s packaged as its own Flash file. The purpose of this is so that it can be published to Flash gaming sites, like Kongregate and Armor Games. The goal of this client is to help make more people aware of WarLight, as it contains links back to, it should help grow the community.

For the most part, it’s just the single-player levels repackaged but there are a few small differences. I plan on making a wiki page to describe the exact differences soon. It’s called stand-alone since it lives entirely on its own and does not talk to the WarLight servers at all.

In the meantime, if you have a Kongregate account, I’d very much appreciate it if you’d rate the game! (Note I’m not asking you specifically to rate it highly, since that’s kind of a scumbag thing to do. Instead, rate it appropriately as you like WarLight!)

Kongregate Link

13 thoughts on “Stand-alone Client”

  1. Well i can tell you i found out about this from Kong and i plan to be spending quite a bit of time around here from now on =D

  2. I too found out about this via kongregate.
    I <3 risk and have longed to find a comparable game while not being completely identical. This seems like it might be it. My first game was a bit of a shock when I discovered that it was not just a risk clone but incorporated same turn actions which ramps up the strategy significantly and allows for more varied tactics, something that just couldn't be done on a board game…

    I look forward to exploring this game and its tactics more…

  3. I also found it on Kongregate, I play Risk with friends every so often but it can get stale and also Europa Universalis 3 quite a bit but that isnt something u can spend a short amount of time on. This though I found great (same turns balances things a lot and I really like your percentage system over dice rolls!) loads of options, maps etc, looks like it can be configured in a dozen different ways and complexity. Keep up the good work, hope this keeps growing with more features 😀

  4. For me, I found out by luck on Armor Games. It is nice, but sadly for me I got through most of single player before realising that multiplayer was only available on the main site. Ah well, still found a nice game.

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