Announcing the WarLight Wiki (which needs your help!)

The WarLight wiki is now live! This wiki will become the ultimate source of information for WarLight players.

It’s available at or

In true wiki fashion, anybody can edit any page on the wiki – you don’t even need to make an account. This is where you come in – anyone who loves WarLight is encouraged to help build out the information provided here.

Any contributions are appreciated, both large and small. Pick your favorite feature and write up how it works, fill in missing pages (red links), or even just make grammar improvements to the existing pages – every little bit helps!

In a future release, the information on the Help tab will be removed and it will just link to the wiki. Going forward, the wiki will be the one-stop-shop for WarLight information.

6 thoughts on “Announcing the WarLight Wiki (which needs your help!)”

  1. Noticed it yesterday, I’ll be doing alot of grammar things. Because no offense of anything but some of those pages are pretty bad.

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