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Mods are a way of modifying/expanding the Warzone core gameplay beyond what is possible using the built-in configuration options. Modded games can be created only by members.

Mods are easy to use! When joining a game with mods, Warzone automatically downloads the mod. No installation is required. Simply join or create a game that has mods enabled.

Since no installation is required, mods are fully supported on all Warzone platforms, including Android and iOS!


Create your own Mod

See the Mod Developers Guide for details on how to get started making your own mod.

List of published mods (not exhaustive)

Please note some of these mods might have bugs. Contact the mod developer to report a bug.

Standard Mods

Experimental Mods


Single-player modded games are always free for members. Likewise, multi-player games where all players are members are also free. Members can create a modded game for non-members by using the special "Allow non-members to join" check-box on the mods page. Using this special checkbox is free once per week to members, (restarts Monday), but after that it will cost a small fee (2 coins per player, member or not, in the game). This fee exists since mods can run on the server, and modded games are significantly more CPU-intensive for the Warzone server to run than non-modded games.

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