Extended Randomized Bonuses

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Mod name Extended Randomized Bonuses
Creator Derfellios
Made public on 2020-??-??
Category Experimental
Tags #Convenience
Runs on Warzone version 4.14.2+
Source code GitHub

This mod extends Fizzer's randomized bonuses mod in 3 ways:

  • You can choose how much randomly can be subtracted and how much can be added separately.
  • For some INSS templates (at the moment only Landria and Biomes of America), the bonuses which should be altered are hard-coded. This makes randomized bonuses and INSS playable.
  • The new randomization mode "Timi random" which is inspired by Timinator. Each bonus value is set to n-1 or n-2, each with a 50% chance. This overwrites the maximum subtraction/addition per bonus.

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