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Mod name Player Manager
Creator Yamada Sergata
Made public on 2023-12-25 [1]
Category Experimental
Tags #Convenience
Runs on Warzone version 5.22+
Source code GitHub

This mod allows players to vote for certain actions to be taken against players. Can be useful in diplo games.


[edit] Settings

  • Wasteland Amount - see Actions
  • Percent Threshold - percent of all human (non-AI) players in the game who voted for an action to be taken

[edit] Actions

  • Armies Erased
  • Absorbed
  • Eliminate to Wasteland
  • Eliminate as is
  • Swap & Wasteland
  • Swapped

[edit] How to use

Go to Game > Mod: Player Manager then:

[edit] Begin player management

  1. Select original player
  2. Select action
  3. Depending on action, select new player
  4. Enter percent of land effected (defaults to 100)
  5. Click "Commit"

[edit] Vote on Actions to be processed

Click Add Vote or Remove Vote.

When the Percent Threshold is reached, the action will be taken against the player at the start of the next turn.

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