Decoy Card

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Mod name Decoy Card
Creator Just_A_Dutchman_
Made public on 2022-03-06
Category Experimental
Tags #Diplomacy
Runs on Warzone version 5.17+
Source code GitHub

This mod allows players to fake the army count on one of their territories.

Customizable options:

  • Number of pieces to split the card into
  • Initial starting pieces given to all players
  • Duration

Non-customizable options:

  • Pieces rewarded per turn is always 1
  • Does not require a successful attack to reward pieces

Territories which are being used as decoys can not:

  • Be deployed on
  • Give attacks or transfers
  • Send airlifts

Doing any of the following will revel a decoy before the duration runs out:

[edit] Compatibility

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