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[edit] Mod description

This Mod allows special units to revive 100% of the lost armies in the territories connected to the special units. The effect won't work if they are killed by a bomb card or if a special unit is involved in any way in the attack (including if the attack comes from a territoy with a special unit.)

[edit] How does it work

This mod is relatively simple and allows you to do some crazy stuff, things like generating armies while you’re expanding or defend twice with armies while defending. But when you want to use these methods you do need to know when your armies get revived. There are 2 scenarios where the mod will revive your lost armies back:

  • You defend against a player / AI while both defending and attacking territory don’t contain a special unit
  • You attack anyone (neutral, AI, a player) and (one of) your special unit(s) is next to the defending territory, but not on the attacking territory.

[edit] Examples

If these scenarios above are a bit difficult to understand, just know that whenever a special unit is involved in the attack your armies won’t get revived. Note that so far of all the special units only the commander is available for use, the four bosses can be made available for Warzone multiplayer and custom single player games but there is yet a mod to be made for it.

If it is still not clear how this mod works, this link will take you to some examples with images.

[edit] How to set up

There are no options on this mod, but to make the mod actually do something you’ll need to include special units in your game. So far the only special unit is the commander, the four bosses are available for mods but are not yet included in any.

[edit] Compatibility

This mod used to have an exploit but this was fixed when Warzone was updated to 5.17. Now at this date the mod is compatible with every setting and mod

[edit] More information

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