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[edit] Mod description

Prevents AI's from playing cards, configurable for all (except reinforcement) cards AI's play. Note that checking a checkbox allows an AI to play that card

[edit] How does it work

This mod prevents AI from playing cards. It simply checks every order in the order list when a turn gets processed. When the mod finds a card being played by an AI, it checks if the AI is allowed to play the card (configurable in the mod configuration) and cancels the order if the AI is not allowed to play it. If a player gets booted but returns it will find (unless the AI decided to discard some cards) all his cards untouched.

[edit] How to set up

When adding the mod to the game you’ll get the mod configuration. Here you’re able to specify for each AI playable card if AIs are allowed to play the card or not. Note that when adding the mod all the settings are on their default False value, when you want AIs to play a certain card (eg. the blockade card) you should tick the corresponding checkbox which will allow the AIs to play that card.

These 5 cards AIs play can be configured:

Note that AIs always play reinforcement cards, but canceling this is way more difficult due to the way warzone handles these cards. For a better explanation see AI's don't play cards: How does it work

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