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[edit] Mod description

Allows for some territories to be auto-distributed and some to be manual-distributed (picked).

[edit] How does it work?

Normally you would have either an automatic distribution (get random territories) or a manual distribution where you could specify an order of picks to allow you to set yourself up. This mod combines the two, resulting in a ‘hybrid’ distribution.

The game creator can specify how many territories everyone gets before the distribution phase. You will have at least one territory on the map and everyone can see this. You can also see everyone else their auto-distributed territories so you can use this information in the distribution phase.

[edit] How to set up

This mod only has one setting, the number of auto-distributed territories. There are a few notes though.

  • You have to set the game to manual distribution yourself, the mod doesn’t overwrite this setting and the mod will do nothing if the game uses automatic distribution

The mod will auto distribute territories from neutrals, leaving the pickable

  • The mod will auto distribute territories from neutrals, leaving the pickable territories. Note that playing with full distribution and no wastelands the mod will not auto-distribute territories and note that when playing with full distribution and wastelands enabled the mod will only auto-distribute wastelands.
  • The mod will not overwrite the number of armies on the territories, so this would be equal to the number of armies in neutrals not in the distribution. Note that when playing with wastelands these army numbers don’t change. Players can end up with a wasteland, keeping the amount of armies.

If you’re looking to avoid one of these, you should use Hybrid Distribution 2

[edit] Compatibility

This mod is compatible with every setting and mod in warzone at this date, it can even be used in combination with Hybrid Distribution 2

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