ConstructionWorker Unit

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Mod name ConstructionWorker Unit
Creator UnFairerOrb76
Made public on 2023-??-??
Category Experimental
Tags #Diplomacy
Runs on Warzone version 5.24.1+
Source code GitHub
A Worker
Attack power 3
Defence power 3
Can be transferred to teammates Yes
Can be airlifted to self Yes
Can be airlifted to teammates Yes
Can be gifted Yes
Combat order 3417
Damage to kill 3
Starting health N/A
Visible to all players No

This mod adds a Worker special unit which constructs cities on the territory it occupies at the end of each turn.

[edit] Configurable options

  • Cost (defaults to 15)
  • Maximum Workers each player can have at any time (defaults to 3)
  • Number of cities each Worker makes per turn (defaults to 1)

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