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Mod name Wastelands+
Creator DanWL
Made public on 2022-12-15
Category Experimental
Tags #Convenience
Runs on Warzone version 4.14.2+
Source code GitHub

This mod enables multiple groups of wastelands to be created at the start and throughout the game. It combines the following mods: Randomized wastelands, Runtime Wastelands and Late Wastelands. This is to let each of the other wasteland mods to correctly function. There is no way to know for sure which territories are wasteland - have to check each territory to see if it matches the wasteland sizes. Wastelands+ solves this issue by keeping track of normal wastelands and any created by the mod itself.

Unlike regular wastelands, you can prevent the total amount of wastelands from reducing the territory limit.

Because many wastelands can be created, a territory could have multiple wasteland values. By default, the first wasteland will never be replaced. It is possible to change this behaviour by enabling "wasteland overlaps".

The different "overlap modes" are:

1 Randomly choose which gets used
2 Newest overrides
3 Use smallest wasteland
4 Use largest wasteland

You can also limit the total times a territory can have a "wasteland overlap" per turn. 0 = unlimited, min is 1 and max is 3.

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