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The Warzone forum is a place where players can discuss openly. Visit it at


[edit] Rules

  1. Warzone's normal rules apply to the forum, such as being respectful to other players at all times, not spamming, not impersonating other players, etc.
  2. Don't use the forum for reporting other players breaking the rules. You should report them by using the in-game Report button.
  3. Don't bump a thread just for the sake of bumping. Posting a message just containing "bump" will just be deleted. If you have a valid reason to bump a thread, explain what it is.
  4. Don't re-create locked threads. The point of locking a thread is to end the discussion since it wasn't appropriate for the forum. Threads that try to circumvent a lock by creating a new thread to continue the discussion will find their threads deleted.
  5. Don't use obnoxious subject lines, such as all-caps or excessive length.
  6. Don't spam links to third-party sites.
  7. Don't post anything that violates Google's adult-requirements at

[edit] Sub-forums

The forum of Warzone consists of these six sub-forums. All threads you make should be created in the proper category.

[edit] General

Here you can place the general topics on Warzone you'd like to discuss about.

[edit] Map Development

If you are creating a new map, responding on a newly created map, or just want to talk about maps in general, post here.

[edit] Ladder

All ladder-related discussion here. E.g. specific games, players or about how ladders work in general.

[edit] Programming

Discuss software development, such as Warzone APIs, Custom Ladder Or Tournament framework, AI framework, etc.

[edit] Strategy

Talk about Warzone strategy here. For example, single player levels or game analysis.

[edit] Help

Here you can ask questions to Fizzer or other players about how Warzone works. This is not the place for bug or player reports, you can use the bug report form [1] and the report players button, respectively, for that.

[edit] Off-topic

For everything not directly related to Warzone, e.g. games.

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