Extended Winning Conditions

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Mod name Extended Winning Conditions
Creator dabo1
Made public on 2017-??-??
Category Experimental
Tags #Strategic
Runs on Warzone version 4.14.2+
Source code GitHub

This mod allows a player (not any AIs) to win by other means than just eliminating all other players. The extended winning conditions are applied to players, not teams. To view progress of the conditions see the mod menu.

Completing X of these conditions will decide a winner:

  • Captured X territories
  • Lost X territories
  • Owns X territories
  • Captured X bonuses
  • Lost X bonuses
  • Owns X bonuses
  • Killed X armies
  • Lost X armies
  • Owns X armies
  • Territory contentions:
    • Territory X must held for Y turns

[edit] Compatibility

  • For performance reasons, do not use this mod on big maps (>~1000 territories).

[edit] Bugs

  • Special units are not removed when eliminating players.
  • The number of armies special units are worth are not included in army conditions.
  • Territory conditions use territory names, not territory IDs. All territories of the map should have unique names for territory conditions to be applied to the correct territory.
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