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Mod name Take Turns
Creator Fizzer
Made public on 2019-09-17 [1]
Category Standard
Tags #Strategic
Runs on Warzone version 4.14.2+
Source code GitHub

Instead of all players playing at the same time as usual, this mod turns Warzone into a game where players take turns.

For example, in a 1v1, one player would get to deploy/attack on evened numbered turns, and the other would get to deploy/attack on odd numbered turns. Which players get which turn is determined randomly.

When it's not your turn, you'll still have to open the game and press Commit. If you try to enter orders on a turn where you're not supposed to, the mod will skip them so they're ignored. On all but the first turn, a sanctions card will make your income 0 so you don't need to deploy needlessly.

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