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Mod name Tanks
Creator Fizzer
Made public on 2022-??-??
Category Experimental
Tags #Diplomacy
Runs on Warzone version 5.24.1+
Source code GitHub
A Tank
Attack power Customizable, same as Defence power
Defence power Customizable, same as Attack power
Can be transferred to teammates Yes
Can be airlifted to self Yes
Can be airlifted to teammates Yes
Can be gifted Yes
Combat order 3415
Damage to kill Same as attack/defence power
Starting health N/A
Visible to all players No

This mod allows players to purchase a tank. Tanks are worth 10 armies in combat by default, and they cannot be partially damaged. They are only destroyed if they take 10 damage in a single combat. The attack and defence power are collectively called Power in settings.

This mod requires using commerce mode. To purchase a tank, visit the commerce build menu and pay its cost. By default, you can only have two tanks at one time.

Buying tanks can happen during any of the turn phases.

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