Highest Income Disadvantage

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Mod name Highest Income Disadvantage
Creator Just_A_Dutchman_
Made public on 2022-03-06
Category Experimental
Tags #Silly
Runs on Warzone version 4.14.2+
Source code GitHub

When this mod is enabled, the player with the highest income at the end of the turn will be spied on by all other players. If the Spy Card is not enabled, it will be automatically enabled in a way that prevents players from earning them through normal means.

Auto enabled Spy card settings:

  • Number of pieces to divide the card into: 1
  • Card weight: 0
  • Minimum pieces awarded per turn: 0
  • Pieces given to each player at the start: 0
  • Number of turns the card will last: 1
  • Can spy on neutral: No
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