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Mods are a way of modifying/expanding the Warzone core gameplay beyond what is possible using the built-in configuration options. Modded games can be created only by members.

Mods are easy to use! When joining a game with mods, Warzone automatically downloads the mod. No installation is required. Simply join or create a game that has mods enabled.

Since no installation is required, mods are fully supported on all Warzone platforms, including Android and iOS!


[edit] Create your own Mod

See the Mod Developers Guide for details on how to get started making your own mod.

[edit] List of published mods (not exhaustive)

Please note some of these mods might have bugs. Contact the mod developer to report a bug.


[edit] Standard Mods

[edit] Experimental Mods

[edit] Restrictions

Single-player modded games are always free for members. Likewise, multi-player games where all players are members are also free. Members can create a modded game for non-members by using the special "Allow non-members to join" check-box on the mods page. Using this special checkbox is free once per week to members, (restarts Monday), but after that it will cost a small fee (2 coins per player, member or not, in the game). This fee exists since mods can run on the server, and modded games are significantly more CPU-intensive for the Warzone server to run than non-modded games.

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