Levels by Weter

bulgaria revenge

bulgaria revenge 2-intervention

bulgaria revenge 3 -race

bulgaria revenge 4-split

Bulgaria revenge 5-road to Asia

BR 6-new idea and new problems

BR 7-diaster

After The End-red napoleon

ATE-civil war







You-leader 1-Take,s Canada

If you try take Canada,canada take you


ATE-balkan revolution


ATE-west war



ATE-German Summer

ATE-War on east

You Leader 2-help mexico


Vulcan,s hitory


VH-Pax Vulcanica


ATE-WW3-Final Battle

Persian Story

Persian Story-East

Persian Story-North

White house, black smoke(please read description!)

Persian Story-Tamerlan,s Plan

Lippe,s dream

Romanian Story

Persian Story-We go to west!

Romanian Story - Wild Field

"Crazy 90's" (please read description!)

Persian Story-Safari

Russian March

Civil war in Georgia(Gamsakhurdia)

"Crise congolaise"

Just Challenge

Just Challenge II

Just Challenge III

Hypothetical civil war in Venezuela

Just Challenge IV

Just Challenge V

Kapp Putch

War in south Yemen(1994)

Just Challenge VI

When Weter imagines...war in Uganda

August Putch(Yeltsin)

Just Challenge VII

August Putch(GKCHP)

When Weter imagines...Emergency in USSR

Just Challenge VIII

War in Afghanistan(1979-1989)

War in Afghanistan(1992-1996)

Just Challenge IX

Moldovan crisis(1992)

Operation "Enduring Freedom"

Just Challenge X

War in Waziristan

Civil conflict in the Philippines

Team game I

5 Days of August(Russia)

5 Days of August(Georgia)

Нow Yeltsin shot his Parliament(Remember my Lvl!)

Just Challenge XI

Team game II

First Sudanese Civil War

Просто Челлендж 12

Team game III

Nagorno-Karabakh War(Armenia)

Nagorno-Karabakh War(Azerbaijan)

Second Sudanese Civil War

Just Challenge XIII

Team game IV

Just Challenge XIV

Just Challenge XV

Team game V

First Lebanon War(Anti-Syrian Forces)

First Lebanon War(Anti-Israel Forces)

Just Challenge XVI

Team game VI

2019 Peruvian constitutional crisis

When Weter imagines...Impeach and Civil War

Mongol Empire-Begin

Mongol Empire-Tatars

"We will shed our blood for freedom!"

Find the Mouse

Mongol Empire-Jin

Mongol Empire-Kara...Khwara...Middle Asia...

Mongol Empire-Rus

Find the Mouse Dva

Mongol Empire-Final Target

Remer,s Dream...(Putch)

Find the Mouse Tri

Romanian Story-Our Lands

Just Challenge XVII

Team game VII

Francia-Last Gallian Roman



Just Challenge XVII


Just Challenge XIX

Francia-Emperor of ROME

Boko Haram insurgency

Invasion of Kuwait

Francia-Umayyad invasion of Gaul

"Roaring Twenties"-Wrangel

"Roaring Twenties"-Polska

"Roaring Twenties"-German Crisis

"Roaring Twenties"-Green Island


Haftar,s Challenge.


Hypothetical Civil war in Malta


Just Challenge XX

Turquoise Mouse-Strange Statue(Description!)

Just Challenge XXI

Turquoise Mouse-Crash

Turquoise Mouse-Civil disobedience (Description!)

Just Challenge XXII

Turquoise Mouse-Centralia

Just Challenge XXIII

Gold Test

Mexican Drug War

Turquoise Mouse-Thistle

Algerian Revolution

2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

Just Challenge XXIV

Just Challenge XXV

159 years ago...

Just Challenge XXVI

Just Challenge XXVII

Turquoise Mouse-Raid

Just Challenge XXVIII

Turquoise Mouse-Russian World wait to Heroes.

Just Challenge XXIX

Just Challenge XXX

Turquoise Mouse-Gates to Cartoon World

Turquoise Mouse-War of cartoons 1 {Description}

Just Challenge XXXI

Kemerovo Empire-South

Фигня 5VS5

Kemerovo Empire-Abakan

Just Challenge XXXII

Just Challenge XXXIII


Just Challenge XXXIV


Just Challenge XXXV

King of Tatarstan

Just Challenge XXXVI


WTH i do?


Caucasian Challenge XXXVII

Armenian Pie

War in Abkhazia (1992–1993)

2 Chechen wars in 1 level!

Just Challenge XXXVIII

Georgia,Georgia,Georgia 2...

Why i do it?

Just Challenge XXXIX

1991–1992 South Ossetia War

Just Challenge XL

Georgia,Georgia,Georgia 3...

Tatar VS fast Walrus

Do not go back.

Just Challenge XLI

1 Chechen war Challenge (Russia)

1 Chechen war Challenge (Chechnya)

Try back your LAND

Just Challenge XLII

Just Challenge XLIII

You don,t lost!

Just Challenge XLIV

Just Russo-Turkish war

Билет в Гагры

Stop and think.


Just Challenge XLV

Super Oleg VS Rar3442

16 days of nazi Russia

Just Challenge XLVI

Crazy Ingush coming to you!

Just Challenge XLVII

100000 Diplomacy

Just Challenge XLVIII

Just Challenge XLIX

Just Challenge L

Ossetian Crazy Battle

Terek Fight

Just Challenge LI

Just Challenge LII

2 Chechen war Challenge

Just Challenge LIII

Just Challenge LIV

Just Challenge LV (Beware,Wunderwaffe!)

I edit my map of ChRI!

Just Challenge LVI

Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! 2

I doing Europa Universalis 3 mod!

Just Challenge LV

Just Challenge LVI

About my EU3 mod...

Chechen Square

Just Challenge LVII

Weter,s WWIII level. Part 1-Final

Just Challenge LVIII