Skill Game

There are two prominent types of games, those based on chance and luck, and those based on skill. Chance is a common theme among children’s games, attempting to make the game easy to play for children with a limited skill set. It is also seen in many casinos such as slot machines and dice games where no one knows what the outcome will be. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge in a specific field when playing a game of chance. It all depends on what the player is given, whether it is from dice, an automatic slot machine, or a dealer. The player has no ability to change or predict what will happen. On the other hand, skill-based games are not only fun to play but beneficial to the player. These games are played for fun but also work on brain dexterity and improve strategy skills.

Practicing Skill games
In a game of skill and strategy the player can not only decide what the best move to make will be, but they can also predict what the corresponding move might be. If a person is playing against a friend or someone he personally knows, he has the ability to anticipate what his opponent is thinking and he can try to compensate for it. It could be beneficial to play against someone the person knows if he thinks it could give him a higher advantage. There is much more thought and planning that goes into skill games as opposed to games of chance and they have the tendency to last longer. In games of skill it seems that the more a person plays, the better they become because the element of chance is eliminated. When the player has the ability to learn from his mistakes and change his tactics, he has a better chance of winning because he can change his previous approach.

Game of Chance
In games of luck there is little attempting to change how one plays because it is going to be a different outcome every time. There is potential for a player to improve his skills and succeed or win the game, altering his strategy each time and perfecting his method. In some games of skill there is only one particular way to win the game and it is up to the player to find the most efficient way to accomplish it. The process of figuring out the best way to use allotted turns, deciding which moves to make, and outsmarting the opponent all take careful planning and strategic measures.

Playing skill games is brain exercise
Skill based games can be very important brain exercises and can help players keep active minds as they get older. The act of strategizing and planning takes active thinking that makes the brain work as opposed to a mindless chance game that anyone could play. Games based on skill not only require strategy and an understanding of the game but the player also needs the capacity to outsmart his opponent. It takes a greater amount of concentration and dedication when there is no possibility of winning by chance or luck.