When Weter imagines...Impeach and Civil War

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Interesting news I heard in September:

In the USA, Democrats want to impeach the President. Then I thought that trump would not leave, we in Russia had the same attempt of impeachment(Communists VS Yeltsin) but Democrats are not Communists and Yeltsin had more (according to the Communists) crimes(the Collapse of the USSR, the shooting of Parliament, the war in Chechnya, the genocide of the Russian people!) and here-attempt to to remove future candidate in presidents, I his twirled on merry-go-round !

news from 31 October:

Started the procedure of impeachment. Fu...Quack!
Then I got carried away... It's an idea! Democrats announced the resignation of the President. the President ignores this, a civil war begins in the country, a state of emergency is imposed,the Confederate States of America are revived... what else?.. California secedes, the Russians have captured Alaska...although there is no, this already surplus.