5 Days of August(Russia)

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Georgians think-Russia attack them innocent as a virgin country.Russians think-Pro-american Georgia led by Misha Saakashvili(who chews his tie) try attack Free Ossetia and Abkhazia.But...We play the GAME and we JUST PLAYERS. Politic go away,audience let,s play!

But seriously,it all started with the shootings at Ossetian-Georgian border, the Georgians fired to Tskhinvali(Capital of Ossetia), the Ossetians fired to Georgians, but anyway, the Russians came(my fellow citizens, Yes I'm Russian) and destroyed the Georgian armed forces fully. Mishka(Saakashvili, President of Georgia) ran away,Vova and Dima(the Russian President and Prime Minister) showed to "pendoss"(pendos-We, Russians make word"Pendos"-nickname for Americans, the Americans,Russians think, helped to Georgians) and Georgians(and perhaps the Ukrainians because Russian media saying that the Ukrainian Nazis from UNA-UNSO(by the way, somewhere in my levels you could see this abbreviation) what the Russian army.