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Warzone News Report, 20-01-2019 to 26-01-2019: 1/27/2019 10:30:16

The News Reader
Level 4
Welcome to the second week of news on WarZone! This news post will cover news from the twentieth to the twenty-sixth of January.

News on Maps:

No new maps released this week

Map of the Week:
Week 209:
  • 155 total votes (14% decrease)
  • First place: Brazilian Southeast (by Lionheart, 41% of votes)
  • Second place: Western Russia VS Alaska (by ananasso_, 25% of votes)
  • Last place: Brazil (by Ycontrol, 7.1% of votes)

Week 210:
  • Flashback (by Matiman, 30 territories)
  • Massachusetts (by Richard Sharpe, 362 territories)
  • Clue Special War (by Fox Line, 199 territories)
  • The Sir John Franklin Arctic Expedition to Force the Northwest Passage (by Clint Eastwood, 47 territories)
  • Western Russia VS Alaska (by ananasso_, 56 territories)

Forum Summary:


General (hidden):

Map Development:





Off-topic (hidden):



Notable Forum Posts plus Summary:


The Clan League competition has been plagued with problems. These include players who play outside of the rules, players who don’t take their turns on time, and players who choose to stop playing CL altogether. This has caused frustration within both the competing clans and the administration. But a complete solution is yet to be found.

Last season, in CL10, a new method of creating games was made. CL administration created a CLOT, or a Custom Ladder Or Tournament, to create games. This also allowed clan leaders to substitute players who went inactive much easier than when the games were made using WZ’s default tournaments. However, this didn’t solve all the problems, including the case when players went inactive during the middle of a game. In addition, the CLOT didn’t even survive long past the end of the season! This has forced the administration to go back to WZ tournaments for this season, and the community is back to thinking of possible solutions.

One suggestion that has been floated time and time again is to use a Real-Time format for CL. Kenny • apex has been the main advocator for this suggestion, and is once again championing the suggestion in this thread. Kenny seems to have thought of solutions to all problems with the RT format (excepting including Australian players). One problem is that maybe not an entire team will be available every scheduled game. The solution, Kenny argues, is to give each player a ‘game limit’, and remove the ‘slot limit’ that they currently have. Every player has the option to play any template they wish, and in some cases they may be allowed to play every template on offer. However, in order for the games to be shared around, a limit of say eighteen games (six games per slot, three slots per player) can be imposed.

ChrisCMU has a different solution, and one that would possibly get rid of CL altogether, and that is to add a Clan Ladder to WZ. What this would exactly look like is still up in the air, but a general idea would be that players sign up to this ladder, then would be assigned games against players from other clans. The clans would then be ranked based on the results of individual games. While I personally think this is a good idea, I would like to see it be implemented alongside Clan League, as an additional (and less formal) clan ranking.


Not much activity here; simply A.I. complementing Fizzer on this achievement.


With the date and location for Warlight Open 2.0 settled, all that is left for this thread is to go off-topic, and off-topic they did go. Ekstone commented on the desire to see simultaneous viewpoints of continuous games, but then ViralGoat tried to derail the chat even further by joking about a laziness about learning German. That didn’t seem to work too well, so he then relented from his attempts and let linberson answer Ekstone’s question.

Now some people may comment that these comments were still on-topic, but I differ in my opinion. And I’m the one reporting on these events, so my opinion wins.
Warzone News Report, 20-01-2019 to 26-01-2019: 1/27/2019 10:31:00

The News Reader
Level 4

After massive outcry from the community against Fizzer’s choices of templates for the seasonal ladder, he handed that responsibility over into the hands of the community. At this time, the community has the option of voting on which of the four templates up for nomination they would like to compete on. The four templates are:
1. British Raj (example game: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=17286226)
2. Hannibal at the Gates (example game: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=17513723)
3. Island of Ruins (example game: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=17469169)
4. Lombardy Swap (example game: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=17525814)
If any of these templates look exciting to you, get your vote in! According to the forum thread, voting closes tomorrow. However, the exact time the vote closes has not been closed, so it is better for you to be safe and get your vote in sooner rather than later. Just remember to rank all the templates, and link your ladder games page to prove you have participated fully in one of the last three seasons. All votes must be sent to the account “Seasonal Template Curator” (https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=44106577641) to count towards the final tally.


Subscribe to Pewdiepie. Seriously.

Or not. It’s totally your choice. But do it!


We have lost a clan. The clan Europa Unitum had both of its points of contact leave the clan, and they let TBest know that they will not play anymore, putting the total number of competing clans down to 28. This is now the lowest clan count since CL6, which only had 26 competing clans. Of course, the community had to make fun of this also, so Beren • apex compared this to Brexit, while Platinum accused GG of poaching the EU players.


The AWP Admin posted the tour records for the first of January this year. Currently, kicorse is well ahead of the group (175% of the points of second-place) at 5525 points. Not only in this update is the tour race scores, but the looming TOP8 Tour Finals that have been promised, where the top eight players go into a single elimination tournament to determine the ‘best’ player in the tour. Currently position two is at 3155 points and position eight has 2330 points. One thing worth pointing out is that position 18 is 1000 points exactly behind position eight, meaning that (not only is the average point separation between those ten players 100, but also) the top eight positions are still open for taking and we may see further rank jostling with the coming results.

The details of the top-eight tournament final are yet to be finalised, so ideas and suggestions from the community are welcome. So, if you are a competitor in the tour, please go over and say what you’d like to experience! If you are a spectator, please go over and say what you’d like to watch!


In the past week, the final templates were decided for this season of Clan League. As usual, there are six 1v1 templates, three 2v2 templates and two 3v3 templates to play in. The common templates with last season are Elitist Africa (1v1), Guiroma (1v1), Final Earth (2v2), Biomes of America (3v3) and Europe (3v3). This strongly suggests to me that clans who did well in the team events last season will do well in this season also. Overall, 50% of the available points are on templates that we also had last season, so there will be a chance for those clans who enjoy lesser played templates to have a good go at competing.


Not much happened in the past week. Timinator succeeds in winning a game, which now puts three of the Group A competitors all at one win each. To see who will relegate will be a matter of time.

Congratulations to Reza for promoting to Group B! Reza wins the Group C playoff, giving him a guaranteed promotion to Group B for next season.


We have a wide range of maps this week, from a 30 territory fantasy map (I really don’t know how to describe it) to a 362 territory map of a single US State. Also to note is that the map Western Russia VS Alaska is now up for its fourth attempt at becoming the map of the week. So give it a chance, people! You can go here to vote for your favourite map: https://www.warzone.com/mapoftheweek/Vote


1v1 Ladder:
  • First place: Rufus
  • 272 ranked players (1.8% increase)
  • 323 competing players (0.31% increase)

2v2 Ladder:
  • First place: Suschel and 89thlap
  • 61 ranked teams (1.7% increase)
  • 77 competing teams (1.3% decrease)

3v3 Ladder:
  • First place: ACL Tears, Orgasmatron and Bacon
  • 17 ranked teams (no change)
  • 31 competing teams (no change)

No new clans created this week

Blog posts this week:

At last! The feature everyone has been waiting for!

Well, you could have said that about the last blog post also. But I think that this one is more deserving of praise. While the last update was about improving communication inside of clans, and within WarZone in general, this update was all about reducing boots. Now, this isn’t done by increasing the boot time for all games, but rather by introducing something called a ‘Surrender Tutorial’. Why does teaching players help to reduce boots? Well, according to Fizzer, one (major) cause of boots is a player who sees that they are losing, and so instead of playing the game out to elimination (or surrendering), they abandon the game and end up getting booted. There are two possible reasons for this behaviour. The first is a lack of knowledge about the ability to surrender. Fizzer has acknowledged that nowhere on the site is there a mention of the surrender button, and players are less likely than ever to search menus in order to discover previously unknown features. This surrender tutorial will be likely to fix that cause of the problem once and for all.

The second cause of this annoying (and some might argue toxic) behaviour is raging about the other player’s win. Unfortunately, while this likely won’t stop these players from continuing to do so, it will, at least, force them to pay back some of the time they took from their opponent.

If you’d like to experience the surrender tutorial for yourself, you can click on this link, but make sure you are in UJS when you do so: https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?Level=84. Alternatively, you can comment on this new feature by going to the blog post linked above.

And that’s it! If you have any more news that you’d like me to share, contact me using WZ mail or send me an email at wargamingnews@gmail.com. If you have a favourite template, clan, player or even game that you’ve played, send it to me so that I can start up a featured section.

The News Reader

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Warzone News Report, 20-01-2019 to 26-01-2019: 1/27/2019 14:32:49

Level 60
but then ViralGoat tried to derail the chat even further

That was a little harsh, The News Reader. That's not how things went down.

This is how I feel about your comment:


Anyway keep these coming, I enjoyed reading it.

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Warzone News Report, 20-01-2019 to 26-01-2019: 1/27/2019 14:59:54

Level 63
tfw you dont post the image but post a link instead
Warzone News Report, 20-01-2019 to 26-01-2019: 1/27/2019 21:38:54

Cata Cauda
Level 59
Personally I prefer if people link an image instead of inlining it, since you then need to scroll past the image, which can be annoying, especially if its a high resolution one.
Warzone News Report, 20-01-2019 to 26-01-2019: 1/28/2019 04:03:19

Level 63
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