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Clan: CORP

Number of members: 83
Link: https://discord.gg/XGKtYg
Tagline: "Wear your tag with honor and add honour to it."
Created: 6/30/2016

Bio: Welcome to CORP's clan page! The best clan with both Strat- and Roleplayers.

Once part of CORP we will see you as equal among us.

Only reasons for your membership to be revoked:
♠️ Inactive for more than 2 weeks without giving a reason in advance;
♠️ Having another (main) account without letting us know before joining;
♠️ Outrageous conduct (has to be seen as such by the majority of the council).
♦️ A friendly community where we support each other in good and bad times;
♦️ Our own P/R competition and monthly tournaments, both on various templates;
♦️ Clan based competition like Clan Wars and Clan League;
♦️ Active clan forum and active clan chat;
♦️ Talk about life and every subject we want to talk about;
♦️ Ladder partners;
♦️ Strategic assistance, sharing of games, ideas, tournaments etc.;
♦️ Scenario and templatemaking assistance;
♦️ Mapmaking assistance;
♦️ A real Katana that may or may not be specifically designed for committing sudoku.

CORP consists of two Dojos:
🏯 Scorpio Dojo: for players who follow the art of strategy;
🏛️ Hyaku-men Dojo: for players who follow the art of diplomacy.

To join with the title "Scorpion" you must have:
♣️ Max. 10% bootrate;
♣️ Min. 200 games;
♣️ Min. 100.000 last 30 days;
♣️ Min. 50% winrate in 1v1.

To join with the title "Hyaku-men" you must:
♣️ Share 5 Diplomacy or roleplay-games that proves that you are a good Diplo- or roleplayer.

*Players who can fulfill both standards are given the icon ⚔️ "double-edged".

*Players who can provide a good reason for not being able to meet the criteria may also be able to join.
Contact and management:

Recruitment: 📧
♥️ Wan03: Diplo players
♥️ Nemo: Strategy players

Clan events:🎌
♥️ Nemo - Minister of War
♥️ dry-clean-only

Diplo and Role-play events:🎭
♥️ Wan03 - Hyaku manager

Internal competition:💪
♥️ psykkoman - Drill instructor
♥️ machine-washed bliss

♥️ Dutch Desire
♥️ Cata Cauda

Clan Member Title
Nemo 🎖️🏯 Sea King Nemo!
Baer 🏯🏆Sempai!
orionaux 🏛️ Orion-str8edge
Ragnar Lothbrok 🏯 LothBrok Obama
The Shots 🏯 Called & Fired
mm3100 🏯The Man Machine
webGuy 🕸 Spider-Man?
ssot 🏯 toss
(Teishi) mōshiwakearimasen min'na 🏛️ same for 5 years
Pink ⚔️ DutchMafiaConsort
Sixpointer Master of coin
Zazzlegut 🏯 The Scrabblist
Nergal 🏯DutchMafiaInsider
Gullrome 🍾 Want some rum?
terry_cloth 🏯 not a food
Gone loco 🏯 yes.
machine-washed bliss 🎖🏯 #1 dryclean fan
Dutch Desire 👑⚔️🎨🏆 |GG|Orange
Killmouse 🏛️ Deadmouse
PuppyMonkeyBabyDaddy 🏯 Glorious Hybrid
Tjoex 🏯 Non-Mafia Boss
BaronSengir 🏯 DutchMafiaForger
Zephyrum 🏛️ Investor
Garlikid D. Ven ⚔️ D is for...
Redthing 🏛️ DutchMafiaHitman
Spike 🏯 The dragon
Lionheart 🏯🎨🏆 LionhART
M Decay 🕸 Gradually Damaged
Whatever 🏯 Lark (person)
a mocart 🏯 wolfgang amadeus
psykkoman 🎖️🏯 strč prst skrz
Cata Cauda 👑⚔️🎨The Cat Queen
siirial 🏯 Keeler
dry-clean-only 🎖️🏯🏆 2v2 master
muddleszoom 🏯 mUdleYsZOm!!!1one
The Master 🏯 The true Master
alukauskis 🏯 the dealer
Bokonon 🏛 616
{Canidae} Kretoma 🏛️ Rektoma
OxTheAutist 🏛 OxTheNationalist
Erik Von Darkmoor 🏯 NG
Wiz Wizz Wizznson 🏯 JJJ's squire
s1gmoyd 🏯 Toe jam
Ikillu 🏯 plays WZ naked
Zapukas 🏯🚗 ancient car own
iswearshewas18 🏯 boots on weed
BigMeck 🏯 Best McD meal
Iaepetus 🏛️ Ineptfetus
Lightning ⚡🌩⚡ BBallist
GunterD 🏯 ding dong dong
Tr4gic 🏯 Com3dy
Leonardus2.0 ⚔️ Dutch Mafia Troll
DavidG 🏛️ Zealander
Ultionem Dutchionem
EdwinB3st 🏯 Best Edwin
God 🏛️ Þórr
JP idk ⚔️ double-edgy
krinid 🏛️Used to play Risk
Wan03 🎖️⚔️ Lozt03
HK-47 AK-47
red alert 🏛️ Beep! beep!
Jutila 🏯 Kunnian päivä
Zajj 🏛️ Zajj Daugherty
Jûles Master of Public Dip
Ascaso Espresso machine
Golden Horde 🏛️ Genghis legacy
Yu-Ren Pan 🏛️ hentaiwanese
Oranje Red and yellow combi
Demerzel 🏛️ Viking
Codemaster01 🏛️ MASTER CLAN
Lucius 🎨Lionheart's alt
SweetMeatPoe069 🏛 Viking
Cnkcnk 🏛️ Rastafari
lingolingo 🏛️ Ognilognil
Furher 🏛️ Furry influencer
Dublin Warrior 🏯 >NNot from Dublin
{TSK} Mór Ríoghain 🏛️ Phantom Queen
goodgame 🏛️Globalist
Svitz Transpiring
[CORP]TroyTheDestroyer 🏛️ FalconOfDestruct
Barbossa 🏛️ Tokyo Corpfather