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Warzone News Report, 17-03-2019 to 23-03-2019: 3/25/2019 07:32:25

The News Reader
Level 4
Hello everyone, I'm back again! And this time hopefully with a weekly news edition, to stay. Anyway, let's get to it:

Notable Forum Posts


This week there wasn’t much happening on this thread. All that seemed to happen was a lack of reading the settings by ChrisCMU. For a player in division A, you’d kind of expect better than that…


There’s a massive update from THE AWESOME OTTERYCAT out on the division. I won’t be spoiling it for you here, so go and have a look at the thread if you want to know more. Basically, the division is now split up into three groups — the three top (Avengers, VIW and ILLUMINATI), the two pretenders (Harmony and BIA) and the rest (Varangian Guard and Celtica).


Season 27 is off to a slow start. Not all of the tournaments have yet started, and only five games (out of around 300) have finished. Since the final tournaments are still in the anticipation phase, maybe a last player or two may be able to sneak in and join this season.


Sakata Gintoki released an update for the qualifier during the week, and it is quite comprehensive. Once again, I won’t spoil the details, but my glance at the scores leads me to conclude that the division is heading towards a Blitz win with a likely second place for HAWKS. Nuke Diplomacy isn’t doing too well, and LEA and Discovery have very similar scores. Remember to go check out the update for yourself!


Onoma94 releases update #5 and there are a few games finished. The division is far from finished, but based on the current scores, Apprentice is clearly in the lead, with 2/3 place being closely contested by |GG| and CORP, 4/5 place almost tied between {101st} and FCC, and VS and NWO clearly dragging behind the rest of the competition. I won’t go into any more detail here, so jump into the thread and check out the update!


What could be better than winning a tournament? Winning a lifetime membership! And that’s exactly what almosttricky is offering to the lucky (or skilled) winner of their very own Poland tournament. Spaces are filling fast, so be sure to sign up on the thread!


Balkan seems to be the favourite map all round. Well, at least based on the responses in the thread. But it does also have the best rating out of the options at 4.0/5, so a fairly well-liked map in general. But go, have a look at the options, and form your own opinion.


’Tis the season to post updates! Well, that is expected, seeing as it is CL season. Season 11, to be exact. And the division is delivering. Surprises, that is. Outlaws and Statisticians are in first and second places respectively with a 100% win-rate, with the latter predicted to be in last place by 65.6% of the community in Math Wolf’s own predictions survey. Meanwhile, [Lynx] and ONE!, the two of which were predicted as first and second by ~80% of the community, are in fourth and sixth place respectively, and neither have a win rate of more than 50%. However, it’s the points contested score that counts, and that places [Lynx] at 57% and ONE! at 35%, still not looking good for either clan. But while the past may look gloomy, only 8% of the games have finished. So it is still quite possible for either clan, or perhaps even both, to turn their fortunes around and fulfil what they were predicted to do.


Map of the Week #217:

The Balkan Peninsula Big is in the running for the map of the week for the fourth time. I like to think that second place is a lot worse than first place; it acknowledges the map is ‘just not good enough’ for that first place spot. Maybe this week ‘Balkan’ can just prove us all wrong on this point, and show it has what it takes to sit in the big seat.

Map of the Week #216:

The number of votes increased last week by about 20% of what they were. This increase didn’t help out last position at 15 votes, though. While Issander may have totally revolutionised the way some strategic games are played, his small fantasy map obviously wasn’t well liked at all. Maybe he should stick with adding new game-styles to WarZone.

Newest Maps:

The War Between The States is RainB00ts’ first map. Let’s all welcome RainB00ts into the map-making community!

Ladder Overview

1v1 Ladder
  • 1st: mallakan
  • 2nd: AI
  • 3rd: AlturoSensei
  • 313 players competing
  • 277 players ranked (88% of competitors)
  • 659 games finished last week (2.1 games per competitor)

2v2 Ladder
  • 1st: [WG] Reza and almosttricky
  • 2nd: Suschel and 89thlap
  • 3rd: Bohun and Platinum
  • 79 teams competing
  • 56 teams ranked (63% of competitors)
  • 28 games finished last week (0.35 games per competitor)

3v3 Ladder
  • 1st: Stales78, Terence Kill and Platinum
  • 2nd: ACL Tears, Orgasmatron and Bacon
  • 3rd: amerlafrance, kram and ʧillynamenace
  • 26 teams competing
  • 17 teams ranked (65% of competitors)
  • 13 games finished last week (0.5 games per competitor)

Seasonal Ladder (Season XXXV)
  • 1st: Leapard
  • 2nd: JV
  • 3rd: Buns157
  • 197 players competing
  • 225 players ranked
  • 258 games finished last week (1.3 games per competitor)

Real Time Ladder
  • 3 games played last week

Active Forum Threads

Map Development
Warzone News Report, 17-03-2019 to 23-03-2019: 3/25/2019 07:32:48

The News Reader
Level 4
Warzone News Report, 17-03-2019 to 23-03-2019: 3/25/2019 12:17:04

Level 63
Way to come back months after the award show.
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