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How to level up Fast: 3/18/2019 20:51:49

Level 25
Pretty much tittle
How to level up Fast: 3/18/2019 22:17:05

Level 63
Winning games / tournaments.

Multiday Coin tournaments give most points.

Winning multiday games is at least twice as good as winning real-time games.

The more opponents are in the game , the more points it has to offer. In team games, points are distributed evenly between the winning teams, so it would be better to win FFA games.

Try playing Quickmatch (QM). Most players can be found there. You may want to uncheck “invite me to multiday games” if you feel like 1 and a half days is too fast.
How to level up Fast: 3/19/2019 06:28:26

Emu Pub 
Level 65
anything besides posting in the forums would work.
How to level up Fast: 3/19/2019 07:26:55

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
Invite me to a strategic 1v1 game and we'll go from there
How to level up Fast: 3/19/2019 17:44:36

Level 58
How to level up Fast: 3/19/2019 17:46:24

Level 28

This is the best way to level up fast as well as to learn many templates.
How to level up Fast: 3/19/2019 17:59:51

Master Meldarion 
Level 63
Quickmatches don't go so fast for leveling up tbh, you get games quickly, but it's only 50% of the points you'd get for beating the same person in the same template outside of QM.

But they are good training; most points can be gained from winning tournaments like Dan said, but the easiest way to level up is to keep playing a rt template that you know well against constantly changing opponents outside of quickmatch.

Edited 3/19/2019 18:01:52
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