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Daléros Fantasy Map

Unlocks at level 27 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Koen27 (all)
Went public on 2/25/2019
Number of ratings: 34
Average rating: 4.1176 / 5
1199 territories, 202 bonuses, 5 distribution modes


Daléros by Koen27

(my 2nd map)

Daléros is a made up world. Good for diplomacy games and probably also for FFA or team games. I also made a map of Koniä (a country on this map).

Version 1.1
- Added colors to the bonuses
- Derlas is now a large city with 5 territories instead of just 1
- A new city called Port Saltura is added in Hurath
- The Five Ruins are now The Five Forts and have a wall around them
- Northfrost is now named Northfast
- Added ships in the Outer Sea (bottom right corner)

Version 1.2
- Added 5 Distribution modes
- A new castle called Mount Kelwood added in Konia
- Connection between Orgol Tunnels and Shadowways
- Bordering territories not connecting fixed

Version 1.3
- Connection fixes

Version 1.4
- Connection fixes
- Center point fixes


Review by Den-Sel on 2/27/2019.
This does not work AT ALL. Having all the bonuses to the side is VERY frustrating. If you don't know the map very well, it's all the time zoom-in/zoom-out to figure out the bonuses. Absence of colors and borders makes things doubly confusing. I really could not play this map at all.
Response by map creator Koen27 on 2/27/2019
Thanks for the review. I’ll work on those things. So adding colors to the bonuses and placing the bonuses on the map. I somehow agree with you
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Review by Pharos on 3/3/2019.
I don't mind the bonus to side. What would improve the map would be to show the region borders.
Response by map creator Koen27 on 3/5/2019
Working on that right now
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Review by Perhaps on 3/7/2019.
Bonuses are not delineated. As such, you are flying blind.

There is a legend, on the left-hand side of the map, which will identify the corresponding bonus. But this forces you to constantly check the legend. This requires too much effort, because it should not be necessary.

There are connections between sections, identified by lines the width of a hair. Anything short of 20/20 near-sighted vision forces you to zoom in to confirm.

This is a very good map, except for the navigation issues noted above. Determining what connects to what, and where to aim for a bonus, should not be a chore.
Response by map creator Koen27 on 3/7/2019
The new version is pending public now
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Review by EvilD55 on 7/30/2019.
good map. Lots of choke points.
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Review by krinid on 11/3/2019.
Agree with what everyone else is saying:

1) It's a great map, great game play. The choke points, the island, the bonuses/superbonuses/megabonuses - all fantastic design.
2) The visibility of regions and having to zoom in/out look at legend then back to play area is BRUTAL.

So despite having excellent components, the visibility makes it onerous. Sounds like you're modifying this though ... would be interesting in seeing the new version. This map would be very fun if it weren't so tedious to play on.

As is, it's 2/5, maybe 3/5. Fix the legend/zoom/visibility problem, it's 4/5 maybe 5/5.
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Review by Brendgnome 9000 on 9/25/2022.
I enjoyed playing this.
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Review by Andalorium on 7/11/2023.
fun and interesting, right amount of choke points and open spaces.
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