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Warzone Community Newsletter: 9/1/2023 21:31:03

Level 61
It's mostly stuff known for people who monitor forums and global chat a lot.

If you see a player playing with multiple accounts in one season feel free report it.

About the clan cap, yeah, that's unfair, a number of capped clan have migrated to older uncapped one for that reason.

It's true that some clans prefer some specific templates, however I seriously doubt that expanding the pool of template would result in any meaningful difference in rankings. Though it would be nice to have some new templates
Warzone Community Newsletter: 9/1/2023 21:40:20

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
Go Clan 174!!
Warzone Community Newsletter: 9/1/2023 21:49:05

Samurai Jack 
Level 55
Stopped by the community and found this thread. Love it FiveSmith. Great job and way to keep us all informed.
Really great and detailed content that matters and is relevant, and I love it.

Excellent work. keep it up.
Warzone Community Newsletter: 9/1/2023 22:05:33

Level 62
I don't find it fair at all that some clans have 100s of members and other can only invite up to 40

The number of games a clan can play in a day should defiantly be capped at 40 (and each player can only play per once per day). Only the number of games a clan can player during a day should be capped, not the number of players competing per season/slot. It becomes first come, first serve instead of being locked out a season or transferring all uncapped clans into several capped clan (that would be illegal because of trading laws, buyer didn't get product or service that was advertised).
Having more than 40 games per day can be both an advantage (winning more overall games than capped clans) and disadvantage (losing more than winning). Because of that, there should be a limit of games played per day.

If you ask me, the limit of number of players in a clan shouldn't have came to existence in the first place.
Warzone Community Newsletter: 9/2/2023 19:39:46

Level 63
If you ask me, the limit of number of players in a clan shouldn't have came to existence in the first place.

Most people (including me) will agree with you on that Dan.
Warzone Community Newsletter: 9/3/2023 06:34:20

Level 60
Yeah Dan's suggestion of limiting games/day to 40 is perfect, and accomplishes what Fizzer seems to have wanted to do with the 40-player cap - even the playing field as much as possible between big and little clans - without needing to actually exclude any players.

As for why the clans themselves have a cap, and why Fizzer won't change it in spite of it being universally disliked, I suspect it's at least partly to drive more clan sales -
smaller clans means more clans required to fit the same number of people. But of course that's just a suspicion 😂
Warzone Community Newsletter: 9/18/2023 14:14:49

Level 62
Warzone Community Newsletter: 9/30/2023 00:19:54

Level 59
Warzone Newsletter #10

A recap of interesting stuff of September 2023.

Clan Wars season 36 - Myth Busters won, yet Optimum is taking lead in Season 37

Myth Busters won the season with quite a significant advantage over Optimum. Congratulations!

The top-9 finally has significant changes. Polish Eagles have significantly improved their CW performance and returned to top-9 after almost 20 seasons. Their previous finish in the coin zone was in Season 16 and for 20 seasons they have been floating around top 11-20.

The clan that was removed from top-9 is The Fancy Dot Clan ●. This eventually lead to FDC merging with The Last Alliance after the season ended, yet I will write more about that further in this newsletter.

We have now passed the mid of the Clan Wars Season 37 and Optimum has a small yet quite stable lead against Myth Busters in the race for top-1. This is the season, when we may really see a new winner to the Clan Wars.

This season, Optimum has better participation than Myth Busters this season and comparable win rate. The participation advantage is even more challenging, because Optimum were handicapped by a ghost lock (when a person locks a spot in CW roster, and it is impossible to know who that was) and have to play with a 39 player team. Let's see. The season finale is going to be very hot.

Link: https://wz-cw.5smith.ru/

Clan League 17 is announced

Player (ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!!, the organizer of Clan League 16, has announced the start of Clan League 17. (Clan League is the main Warzone multiday Clan vs Clan Competition, which exists now for more than 10 years.)

The upcoming Clan League feature is that there will be 2 Divisions C to accomodate the winners from the 3 Divisions D of the CL16. There will be just 2 Divisions D this time, yet, maybe more, if there is another big spike in CL popularity.

Currently, the template selection process is undergoing. The matches will start in January 2024.

Link: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/713444-clan-league-17-signup-announcement

The Fancy Dot Clan ● merged with The Last Alliance

When in became clear that FDC was out of the coin zone, Samek ● (the clan leader of FDC) announced the merger with TLA. The motivation for this merger was that FDC could not sustain high Clan Wars results with its current strategy.

By its nature, FDC is a "community" type clan, which is member-capped yet imposes no requirements on the members about Clan Wars participation. That way, in the face of increasing CW competition, it was becoming harder to maintain both laid back no-requirements policy and getting high Clan Wars results.

While the merger with TLA has been announced and was in effect, so far only ~60% of FDC have moved to TLA. As of now after 2 weeks after the merge date, FDC has still ~15 members, who have not transferred. I guess, the most competitive part of the clan has moved, while the more conservative members are taking their time.

Effectively, we have another Warzone clan, that succumbed to the 40-member-cap. The ability to drive a capped clan with no participation requirements and consistently getting top-9 in CW, was something extraordinary and probably could not withstand an increased competition. My opinion is that FDC should have taken over knyte club, when they were offered to. They were already struggling with the cap at that time, and nothing was expected to change.

Link: https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=504

BO11 challenges: Texx won against Orcus, new match between alexclusive and Tac(ky)tical

The initial best-of-11 match between Texx and Orcus has ended with Texx's win of 6-4. Congratulations!

According to the challenge rules, Orcus has to play for clan Harmony for a season of Clan Wars (required participation >85% and boot rate <5%).

I have some mixed personal thoughts about the challenge. It is an interesting event in its intent and the end results will take their place in history. Yet, from an outsider's point of view, the implementation of it had a lot of room for improvement:

- There were coverage streams, yet they seemed like a more a mean for "friends to hang out" and not like an entertainment for an audience (also, no VODs were preserved). As a positive example, take a look how Nation Cup organizes handles the same.
- There were 11 intense games, but all what is left for other is just the score, when it was possible to "ride the hype wagon" and make some brief analytics or predictions. (see. CW Bugle by Texx, or the NC/CL coverage)
- The stake of "loser plays for the winner in CW" with two clans are not competing with each other and significantly different in terms of obtained rewards, is really skewed towards the lower-ranked clan. (As I said multiple times, I am happy to take a similar challenge from someone from MB or Optimum! C'mon, challenge me!)
- And the pacing... it took 2 weeks to finish the first 6 games, and 2.5 months to finish the other 4 games.
- Also, I am leaving aside straight hostile attitude of some of the participants. (I guess, this newsletter will be claimed as "propaganda" or something like that, too.)

Basically, if you are not "qualified" and don't make an effort yourself to follow the event closely, it could just pass by and leaving no excitement to remember.

The next best-of-11 with basically the same rules is happening between alexclusive from clan Python/{101st} and Tac(ky)tical from Myth Busters. Don't know what to say, as after a week since the first game was created, it is still in the distribution phase.

- https://www.warzone.com/Forum/699017-texx-v-orcus-thread
- https://www.warzone.com/Forum/716976-alex-vs-tacky-bo11

MTL is down again

The Multi-Template Ladder is down again for a significant amount of time. The public basically knows nothing about what is exactly happening, and there is no ETA on when it might get back online.

The situation about MTL is so not promising, that there is already a public initiative by player Tac(ky)tical to make a new MTL. The private talks about a new MTL were circulating already during the previous downtime of MTL, so I guess, at some point we might really see someone to really venture and make an MTL-replacement.

I wish the best to the MTL, yet can't help myself to notice, that I already mentioned the poor "abandoned" technical state of the MTL even before the all the outages. I am not an MTL user myself, yet I think that even with MTL having technical issues, the community could benefit from a more transparent informational coverage. Maybe it is even appropriate to consider handing the MTL to someone new, who is passionate enough and may commit to running it.

- https://md-ladder.cloudapp.net/ (the MTL, which is down)
- https://www.warzone.com/Forum/718095-clot

Other events:

- The PkmX idle site (https://pkmx.github.io/wzi-levels/) has now Compiled Hospital Saves per Hospital upgrade per map from the thread: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/713130-compiled-hospital-saves-per-map

- The Super-fog screenshots initiative has effectively compiled all the maps for all relevant idle levels: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/677028-superfog-screenshots

- The Clan War map guessing competition has now big prizes of up to 1000 coins! Secret spoiler for the readers of the newsletter: the next competition will have a big prize too! Subscribe to the thread to not miss it: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/705033-cw-seasons-getting-long

Have I missed something? Sure! May you fill the gap by posting a detailed message about your favorite event of September? Sure! Should you like and subscribe to this thread? Sure!
Warzone Community Newsletter: 9/30/2023 00:27:56

Level 63
Thanks for the update!
Warzone Community Newsletter: 10/1/2023 03:54:58

Alphazomgy (Warzone's Best Marketer) 
Level 59
Great newsletter. Was a bit surprised you didn't mention (directly) that Warzone's best marketer had joined TLA, but I know you can't fit everything.
Warzone Community Newsletter: 10/1/2023 07:12:54

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
Wait!? Where is the fancyness in TLA?
Warzone Community Newsletter: 10/1/2023 12:59:57

Level 60
@LF the fancyness is everywhere in TLA!
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