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Clan: The Last Alliance

Number of members: 75
Link: https://discord.gg/f8eXQsh
Tagline: Forward The Last Alliance!
Created: 3/30/2018

Bio: The Last Alliance (TLA) is a fun and competitive clan with both strategy and diplomacy players.

TLA Info Doc: https://cutt.ly/9gEBuY4

Clan Events:
* Faction Wars
* 1v1 Multi-Template Ladder
* Champions League (run by Hotarian)
* Various miscellaneous tournaments & games

Current Inter-clan Events:
* Clan League (Div D)
* Clan Competition League
* The Clan Bowl

Management Team:
General Managers: {TLA} LND, JK_3
Strategy Manager: Hotarian
Diplomacy Manager: Skapis9999

Gil-galad | Elendil | Isildur | Elrond | Anárion

Other Titles:
[O] = Owner
[I] = Inactive
๐Ÿ† = TLA Ladder Trophy
๐Ÿ… = Player of the Year
๐ŸŽ–๏ธ = Community Member of the Year
๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ = Mapmaker of the Year

We welcome all active players who meet our requirements and have a true desire to be involved in clan life. Contact our LND or JK for more info.

Requirements for joining TLA:
Level: 50
Bootrate: <10%
Activity: On average at least once per week
Game: We require aspiring members to play a practice game with our managers.
Info: You must read our clan info doc (link above).

Thanks Lionheart for the awesome coat of arms and icon!

Clan Member Title
davidhmtk Anárion
JK_3 Isildur[GM]๐ŸŽ–๏ธ
MiegoKhan Elendil[I]
riskboy88 Gil-galad[I]
Skapis9999 Elendil[DM]
Naviiso Elendil๐Ÿ†
Shia LeBooty Anárion[#]
Xanderaka Elrond
TBest Elendil
CouchPotato Elrond
M1ckDaD1ck Gil-galad
Hotarian Elendil[SM]๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ…
Dr. Love Gil-galad
{TLA} LND Elrond[GM]๐Ÿ†
The Lord of Fire Gil-galad
pumpkins Elrond
SkweerookL Isildur
Quetz Isildur
Himoon10 Gil-galad
lpled Isildur
Steffi the Redhead Isildur
ATKc12 Anárion
Wildcard Isildur๐Ÿ†
OG Flopsy Gil-galad
SingaporeSting Elendil
T0var1shch Isildur
Zaunspringer Anárion
Sick Elendil
ruko Anárion
Thessalos54[TPBI] Gil-galad[O]
Mean Machine Anárion
Firehawk Elrond
Oilers Gil-galad
Pepe the Great Elendil
Captain Admun Anárion[#]
ribald Anárion
Dragoreo Anárion
54RPM Anárion
Captain Jack Anárion
Blue Buttefly Anárion
Navara [ALT]
Juho Elrond[#]
The Original Tom Quinn Elrond
Leia - Princess of Coinwheels Isildur
alex Gil-galad[#]
Mithrandir Elrond[#]
issac Elendil
Ty Anárion
Craftermatt360 Gil-galad
13andrej Elrond
Nuvos's Forces Isildur
ZaWinner Isildur[#]
BBMC Elrond
Colion Isildur
absurdistuanse Gil-galad
islander555 Elendil
Geag Anárion
Koen27 Elendil๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ
Levatron Elendil
Normal Boii Elrond
Murphy's Law Gil-galad
Based Stickperson Isildur[#]
Ram Ranch Elrond[#]
Ruben4Shadow Isildur[I]
Sammy Hernandez Gil-galad
EnderCat222 Elrond
Wasp Elendil
MrHelpful99 Elendil[#]
Jonathan Isildur
Hasselbullen Gil-galad[#]
Pancho Elrond
Mithrandir Isildur
lined [ALT]
Roger de Flor Isildur