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Clan: The Last Alliance

Number of members: 93
Link: https://discord.gg/f8eXQsh
Tagline: For the glory of the Alliance!
Created: 3/30/2018

Bio: The Last Alliance (TLA) is a fun and competitive clan well established in the diplomacy world and an up-and-coming superpower in the competitive arena of strategic play.

This document tells you everything you need to know about TLA: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v1N3NyOZZywmrCGB5u9yPDkQSQnayz9HdPYPm2Hx5Dg/edit?usp=drivesdk

We are involved in many inter-clan events, among them Clan League and Clan Wars.
We offer many official and unofficial intra-clan events and games, including TLA Faction Wars and a private 1v1 Ladder. We also have a Discord server for clan members.

We welcome all active players who meet our requirements and have a true desire to be involved in clan life. Send LND a mail to be invited or simply to ask any questions you may have.

Requirements for joining TLA*:
Bootrate: <20% (removed from clan if higher than 40%)
Activity: On average at least once per week (removed after unexplained inactivity of 25 days)
Game: We require aspiring members to play a practice game with two of our managers so we can get a feel for what kind of player you are.
Info: You must have read our clan info doc (link above).

Management Team:
General Manager [GM]: {TLA} LND, JK_3
Strategy Managers [SM]: Hotarian
Diplomacy Manager [DM]: DarkKing121

Factions & their Chieftains:
Gil-galad - DarkKing121
Elendil - Pepe the Great
Isildur - JK_3
Elrond - {TLA} LND
Anárion - SnakeVenom

[O] = Owner
[C] = Faction Chieftain
[T] = Trainer
[I] = Inactive
[!] = No. Cautions

Thanks Lionheart for the awesome coat of arms and icon!
*We have no level requirement, but due to issues with WZ you possibly can't join the ladder unless you are high enough level (lvl 50 covers all the templates).

Clan Member Title
riskboy88 Gil-galad[I]
MiegoKhan Elendil[I]
Liechtensteiner Isildur
JK_3 Isildur[GM][C]
Xanderaka Elrond
Apollo 11: The Scout Elrond
SkweerookL Isildur
pumpkins Elrond
Shia LeBooty Anárion
Cyrus Anárion
CouchPotato Elrond
Athlen Anárion
Quetz Isildur
M1ckDaD1ck Gil-galad
Miklós Szabolcs Gil-galad
The Lord of Fire Gil-galad
laVon Elendil
Steffi the Redhead Isildur
squirrel 🐿 Gil-galad
Chagatai Khanate [ALT]
{TLA} LND Elrond[GM][C]
ATKc12 Anárion
ruko Anárion
Hotarian Elendil[SM]
Oilers Gil-galad
Captain Admun Anárion
Wildcard Isildur
DarkKing121 Gil-galad[DM][C]
Ty Anárion
Firehawk Elrond
Yrjö Elrond
13andrej Elrond
Thessalos54[TPBI] Gil-galad[O]
issac Elendil
The Original Tom Quinn Elrond
Blue Buttefly Anárion
IHateTheReportSystem Gil-galad[!]
Juho Elrond
Pepe the Great Elendil[C]
Captain Jack Anárion
ribald Anárion
alex Gil-galad
Dragoreo Anárion
OG Flopsy Gil-galad
Nuvos's Forces Isildur
Indiana Jones [ALT][T]
Mythos1618 Elrond
freedom Isildur
Colion Isildur
Sick Elendil
Naviiso Elendil
lpled Isildur
ZaWinner Isildur
Mithrandir Elrond[!]
54RPM Anárion
SnakeVenom Anárion[C]
Himoon10 Gil-galad
T0var1shch Isildur
mjh4432 Elendil
Golden Horde [ALT]
Behelit Gil-galad
Based Stickperson Isildur
Murphy's Law Gil-galad
Ruben4Shadow Isildur[I]
Gl!tch Elendil
tristan Isildur
Geag Anárion
Koen27 Elendil
Ram Ranch Elrond[!]
PerryD Anárion
BBMC Elrond
Empress Nicotine Elendil
Leia - Coinwheel Princess Isildur
absurdistuanse Gil-galad
Sammy Hernandez Gil-galad
Killer! Anárion[!]
mattsushi Gil-galad
SunBrewedIcedTea Anárion
islander555 Elendil
EnderCat222 Elrond
Normal Boii Elrond
Hasselbullen Gil-galad
malachi Elrond[!]
Wasp Elendil
ScaryCherry12 Isildur[!]
MrHelpful99 Elendil[!]
Dubbers530 Elendil
SIR SHOW Elendil
Jonathan Isildur
Roger de Flor Isildur
PuddingKing Elrond
ImNotHyp3r Elendil