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Number of members: 46
Link: https://discord.gg/KvFXqYm
Tagline: Be Bold and Honorable. -Jerks die crying.
Created: 4/11/2015

Bio: .
This is the good sportsmanship clan - no jerks

We kick tail in fun and humor.
We leverage bold moves and friendships to win games and grow in strength.
We play both multi-day games and real-time games together.

***Our primary value is being a good sport***

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HAWKS clan is a place to grow each other with friendships, strategy, practice, organized competition, tips, and fun.

Clan Ranks & Titles
➤ 1st Rank hold the title "ALPHA HAWK"

➤ Ranked in Top Hawks League A hold the title "Ace"

➤ Ranked in Top Hawks League B hold the title "Black Hawk"

➤ Ranked in Top Hawks League C hold the title "Seahawk"

➤ Ranked in Top Hawks League D hold the title "Delta Hawk"

➤ Ranked in Top Hawks League E hold the title "eHawk"

List of ALPHA HAWKS (★ = 5x ✰)

★✰✰✰ - (ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!!

✰✰ - Cicero XXII

✰ - J_Dog33340

✰ - Gazpacho

✰ - Thor

Former: Advocate✰

Other Details
➤ Part of good sportsmanship is taking your turns in games / tournaments that you've started. Excessive boots can also get you booted from HAWKS.

➤ 100+ days of inactivity may get you booted from HAWKS.

➤ If you have questions or are interested in joining,
message ⫸ LET'S FIGHT!! or CICERO XXII ⫷ to get started
(you can click the name below and mail from his profile).

➤ Other Abbreviations
(L) Leader
(F) Founder

Be Bold and Honorable!
...because jerks die crying.

Clan Member Title
AlexB Black Hawk
(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! ALPHA HAWK ★✰✰✰ (L)
TurboTT117 Ace
CoachT eHawk
emas eHawk
Cicero XXII Ace ✰✰ (L)
Thor Ace ✰
Coyote151 Black Hawk
3p Delta Hawk
DHartleyJr eHawk
J.P. Ace
Ppolca Seahawk
Queen_of_da_apes Seahawk
Awsome911 Black Hawk
Brak Delta Hawk
THCSensei PL
Kerby Delta Hawk
PresidentMDW Black Hawk
Axl Ace
Symarion Muskoka Seahawk
J_Dog33340 Black Hawk ✰
Alex Kami Black Hawk
Glardhamion Seahawk
Blesku Delta Hawk
Scotty ...zZz (F)
eRu Delta Hawk
Catus Cauda
Gott liebt Sie
DjiboutiKing Delta Hawk
Lord Shang
goralgn eHawk
The Duke of Bacon