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super-fog screenshot(s): 2/24/2023 12:46:45

Level 59
unfogged maps
02 huruey's castle https://i.imgur.com/UvC6a8I.png @zinthos
03 floating rocks https://i.imgur.com/UKXVpBE.png @otto
04 war of the worlds https://i.imgur.com/w4NkjZE.png @otto
05 ursa:luna https://i.imgur.com/KHyizW7.png @otto
05 ursa:luna [hard] https://i.imgur.com/YJZtguP.png @otto
06 final earth https://i.imgur.com/lTZTknj.png @otto
07 drakemor's world https://i.imgur.com/4gxq1U4.png @otto
08 peloponnesian war https://i.imgur.com/fsRW55h.png @otto
08 peloponnesian war [hard] https://i.imgur.com/pNZo05Q.png @hugge
09 k-px https://i.imgur.com/PWBZp31.png @otto
10 the siege of feldmere https://i.imgur.com/upnjf3E.png @zinthos
10 the siege of feldmere [hard] https://i.imgur.com/JUnbTyJ.png @otto
11 sengoku : rise of oda nobunaga https://i.imgur.com/UnzsX8w.png @otto
12 copper creek castle https://i.imgur.com/fpIOx85.png @small_emp
12 copper creek castle [hard] https://i.gyazo.com/f7311d0a2492c13a3de070543042c412.png @krinid
13 geopolitics https://i.imgur.com/QGCmnl2.png @small_emp
14 breaking green https://i.imgur.com/T2XCtup.png @small_emp
15 far land https://i.imgur.com/iLsR4we.jpg @otto
15 far land [hard] https://i.imgur.com/6EFPXDM.png @it's me i staarted this
16 reconquest 1065 https://i.imgur.com/gQtWEWL.jpeg @small_emp
17 fort harbor https://i.imgur.com/AhwLFuH.jpeg @small_emp
18 europe 1066 ad https://i.imgur.com/rCByu6m.png @3.1415926535 stiched by @small_emp
19 ad 1045: roads of silk and iron https://i.imgur.com/G6XnqqS.jpeg @small_emp
20 old town https://i.imgur.com/bw1MgCO.jpeg @hugge
20 old town [hard] https://i.imgur.com/bpwzxlD.jpeg @hugge
21 orbis veteribus notus https://i.imgur.com/btnQV6E.jpeg @hugge
22 scandinavia and the nordic countries https://i.imgur.com/8bueeXd.jpeg @hugge
22 scandinavia and the nordic countries [hard] https://i.ibb.co/KNnjFcX/22b-Scandinavia-Hard.png @geforce
23 asia: population density https://i.imgur.com/Joofzp5.jpeg @hugge
24 africa https://i.imgur.com/ACtMiYb.jpeg @hugge
25 rise and fall of the roman empire https://i.imgur.com/I2sDd3a.jpeg @hugge
25 rise and fall of the roman empire [hard] https://i.imgur.com/s5vlu6U.jpg high res https://i.ibb.co/CJYG3Fx/25a-Hardened-Rise-and-Fall-of-the-Roman-Empire-HD.png @otto
26 australia https://i.imgur.com/lhdEb7M.jpeg @hugge
27 netherlands https://i.imgur.com/Oc1Ejc7.jpeg @hugge
28 china https://i.imgur.com/4AiqDjD.jpeg @hugge
28 china [hard] https://i.imgur.com/0rDZLeg.jpg @otto
29 afro-eurasia gargantuan https://i.imgur.com/5XXLo83.jpeg @napkin
30 triskelion
30 triskelion [hard]
31 united states
32 europe huge
32 europe huge [hard]
33 regio coquus https://i.gyazo.com/ee005fdd061f928f36b56cfa926b0d37.png @krinid
34 land of bork
35 planetary annihilation
36 kenorland
37 potatarchipelago
38 plateau assault
39 rise of rome https://i.imgur.com/AyDlhxN.jpg @doctor_k
40 expedition
41 dodecahedron of doom
42 the crusades
43 siege of pameromon
44 medieval battleground
45 aklog world
46 king's archipelago
47 seven years war
48 thirty years war
49 hex earth https://i.imgur.com/6RLnaTb.jpg @otto

cleared maps @muli
02 huruey's castle https://i.imgur.com/xOVwWym.png
03 floating rocks https://i.imgur.com/VXrYzeM.png
04 war of the worlds https://i.imgur.com/38eGVi1.png
05 ursa:luna https://i.imgur.com/tXpQozr.png
05 ursa:luna [hard] https://i.imgur.com/R7OmwYM.png
06 final earth https://i.imgur.com/dBDElUF.png
07 drakemor's world https://i.imgur.com/lp14MIx.png
08 peloponnesian war https://i.imgur.com/mirIN2t.png
08 peloponnesian war [hard] https://i.imgur.com/vhjv6vy.png
09 k-px https://i.imgur.com/ayzXFKV.png
10 the siege of feldmere https://i.imgur.com/CgBybcz.png
10 the siege of feldmere [hard] https://i.imgur.com/YFTINfX.png
11 sengoku : rise of oda nobunaga https://i.imgur.com/voOGPnD.png
12 copper creek castle https://i.imgur.com/EnXbQYV.png
12 copper creek castle [hard] https://i.imgur.com/nYgWI2c.png
13 geopolitics https://i.imgur.com/g5D9QtX.png
14 breaking green https://i.imgur.com/Z5KdVqm.png
15 far land https://i.imgur.com/5SIyFTu.png
15 far land [hard] https://i.imgur.com/NtqWTuJ.png
16 reconquest 1065 https://i.imgur.com/UeRY54M.png
17 fort harbor https://i.imgur.com/dcJ3DkO.png
18 europe 1066 ad https://i.imgur.com/3crKVSn.png
19 ad 1045: roads of silk and iron https://i.imgur.com/fwAbRp0.png
20 old town https://i.imgur.com/MNsVKnN.png
20 old town [hard] https://i.imgur.com/DG5TLCV.png
21 orbis veteribus notus https://i.imgur.com/0SfdLfs.png
22 scandinavia and the nordic countries https://i.imgur.com/DEDGS8K.png
22 scandinavia and the nordic countries [hard] https://i.imgur.com/xtxa42k.png
23 asia: population density https://i.imgur.com/KRtcCNE.png
24 africa https://i.imgur.com/Jvp4j7p.png
25 rise and fall of the roman empire https://i.imgur.com/YQ2QsC3.png
25 rise and fall of the roman empire [hard] https://i.imgur.com/woKAu8R.png
26 australia https://i.imgur.com/tNsI7kk.png
27 netherlands https://i.imgur.com/8JKjjOt.png
28 china https://i.imgur.com/ECH0i4T.png
28 china [hard] https://i.imgur.com/fhv8eUj.png
29 afro-eurasia gargantuan https://i.imgur.com/U7e0ljO.png
30 triskelion https://i.imgur.com/dzeArrC.png
30 triskelion [hard] https://i.imgur.com/zcMhmX3.jpeg
31 united states https://i.imgur.com/VJ2rznd.png
32 europe huge https://i.imgur.com/tHYBCyY.jpeg
32 europe huge [hard] https://i.imgur.com/aXHHJDg.png
33 regio coquus https://i.imgur.com/IQgBN47.png
34 land of bork https://i.imgur.com/Vrlwdg0.png
35 planetary annihilation https://i.imgur.com/nCO65QT.png
36 kenorland https://i.imgur.com/0t0Ow0p.png
37 potatarchipelago https://i.imgur.com/9rB54v2.png
38 plateau assault https://i.imgur.com/1qNTd94.png
39 rise of rome https://i.imgur.com/tflSVDO.png
40 expedition https://i.imgur.com/xu3pSDe.png
41 dodecahedron of doom https://i.imgur.com/QCpcDGD.png
42 the crusades https://i.imgur.com/XT8lhbq.png
43 siege of pameromon https://i.imgur.com/7L8OBHG.png
44 medieval battleground https://i.imgur.com/DAsKHXW.png
45 aklog world https://i.imgur.com/uenXbES.png
46 king's archipelago https://i.imgur.com/AAV7j8E.png
47 seven years war https://i.imgur.com/oCOmKtP.png
48 thirty years war :alas:
49 hex earth https://i.imgur.com/Xxayz46.png

Edited 9/3/2023 11:02:20
super-fog screenshot(s): 2/24/2023 13:30:14

Level 63
Awesome, thanks Cosine!
super-fog screenshot(s): 2/24/2023 13:34:55

Level 61
Oh wow. Having those for the hardened levels, for instance, would be amazing! Lets see whether we can make it a community effort.
super-fog screenshot(s): 2/24/2023 14:15:05

Level 60
Yea that's really nice.

Lets see whether we can make it a community effort.

I guess that would require some coordination.
I think, that I once saw an unfogged Hex by some else and I super-FBed Hex once, but it was absolutely unreadable. So someone would need to come up with a clear format for that.
I personally pledge my stack of 50+ Fog Busters to the initiative, if it will be coordinated and not to waste.

On a side note, It would be cool, if there were a technicall way to display base maps outside the app with an option to display or overlay additional stuff on them. That would be usefull not just for Idle (pin pointing key locations, showing routes, etc) but for WZ Classic too (visualized game analisys, game hints, fun stats)
If anyone knows a solution, please give me a hint.

Edited 2/24/2023 14:45:31
super-fog screenshot(s): 2/24/2023 15:24:27

Level 59
if you had an 8k workstation that would be an easy way to do this :|

or you could take several zoomed-in screenshots and stitch them together

i tested picpick and screenpresso. they can't handle the horizontal scrolling involved, but snagit (which can be used with a free trial) claims to be able to with its panoramic capture mode. although it notes that it requires scrolling only in one direction at a time, which may be hard to do. it might be possible with accessibility tools, and a few lines of ahk could probably do it.

this feature could also be created with like, a few hours of writing code. it is not particularly hard to engage node.js to automatically take screenshots while a person manually scrolls around, and then to match areas of screenshot to stitch them together. this would be much easier to use than a snagit + ahk mess

code is not fun to write though. my price for this work is $40/hr. i am also willing to provide information about the libraries and function calls i would use to do this in node.js, if someone else wants to do it but is not sure how to find the tools to use
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/5/2023 14:28:23

Level 22
Stitching images isn't that complicated. Threw together a super basic python script, using some opencv and pyautogui.

Currently in the middle of a map, but this is how it looks. I can probably get a bit better result just zooming in even more


Here's old town

If anyone is interested in looking into this a bit more I can probably clean it up a bit and post to github

Edited 3/5/2023 14:49:16
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/7/2023 15:08:00

Level 58
Stitching by hand takes about 20-30 minutes in high res, but you need to do it only once, the problem is a lack of fog buster powers

Scandinavia Hard:
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/7/2023 16:05:28

Level 22
Nice one geforce

Here's some more using automated stitching

Orbis, Scandinavia and Asia

super-fog screenshot(s): 3/7/2023 16:14:11

Level 58
Doesn't look bad at all, which program did you use? I tend to not go in full high res to save time, rather zoom in for important routes
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/7/2023 16:20:15

Level 22
Made a python script with opencv, you take a bunch of screenshots and then it stitches them
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/7/2023 16:22:50

Level 61
How do you do the screenshots in the first place? Do you play in browser and then use sth like snipping tool under Windows?

When I share such raw screenshots, would you be able to stitch them? What format do I have to use for that?
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/7/2023 16:45:38

Level 59
really weird how opencv distorts the map. maybe you could post raw screenshots also in case someone writes a tool that stitches them together perfectly later?
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/7/2023 16:48:47

Level 22
When I start it I mark the area of my screen that is the game area by essentially clicking and dragging the mouse from top left to bottom right.

I then zoom in on the map to an acceptable level and start moving it around, pressing space to take a screenshot. The images has to overlap
All screenshots gets added to the images folder.

Then when I'm done I just press a different button than space and it starts stitching all the images in the image folder.

It's obviously very basic without much error handling since it's essentially for personal use.


If you have access to some spare Fog Busters you should be able to use the snipping tool in windows and save a bunch of pngs, and I should be able to just stitch it for you. Make sure the images overlap, and maybe send me a message or something before starting the actual map so we can see if something is missing.

Edited 3/7/2023 17:14:44
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/7/2023 16:51:26

Level 22

I noticed it a bit as well, had to change it to handle it as scans instead of photos. Looks a lot better with the last few compared to the first
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/7/2023 17:16:53

Level 60
Noice. ;) Thank you Cosine. A whole picture library of those would be nice.
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/7/2023 19:19:58

Level 22
Africa: https://imgur.com/ACtMiYb

None of mine is hardened, geforce said his was

Edited 3/7/2023 19:39:42
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/8/2023 19:54:36

Level 22
Did anyone give it a try?

Here are a couple more

Hardened Rome
Rise and fall of roman empire

Edited 3/8/2023 19:54:42
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/8/2023 20:00:18

Level 62
In the past (prev map editions so they are useless now), I've made screenshots by maximizing on a 38" monitor and they came out all right, but I think it was EH/HEH, not Hex, which probably would does look crazy on any monitor b/c of the huge digits on the army counts.
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/8/2023 20:19:09

Level 31
Do you guys mind that I re-host and link them on my level data site so everything is in one place?
super-fog screenshot(s): 3/8/2023 20:32:34

Level 22
I don't mind at all, just happy they are being used
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