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WarZone News Report 2019-03-31 to 2019-04-06: 2019-04-08 09:25:25

The News Reader
Level 4
Welcome back to the WarZone News Network! I know I haven't been a regular weekly poster, but I'm doing what I can. Here's the summary of last week, just for you!

Newest Maps:
  • Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries (Big) (by RicklePick)
  • English Football Clubs (Tier 1-4) (by mrnetherlands)

Forum Threads:
Off Topic:

Map Development:





Hidden Forum Threads:

Notable Forum Threads:


This week we had a couple of new players asking to join. All would be well and good, except they posted on last season’s thread. Tristan gently lets them know their situation, and all is now well.


Just the regular old boring MOTW forum thread. This week, however, was the excitement of a wrong link. But it is now fixed, and all is boring again.


This mod is evidence that Fizzer listens to the community. He has taken the first version of the mod, and now, after listening to feedback, has released an updated version. The thread is mainly full of praise for the updates, but there are a couple of requests for additional features. If anyone wishes to get onto adding those features, feel free! You’ll have the community thanking you!


This season is finally picking up speed, with all groups having finished at least one game. Currently group C1 is the slowest of the season, with five of the seven players still not having finished a game. Other groups have been travelling faster, with Meldarion in group F3 having finished five games and achieving a 4-1 record. graemes and Le Count H from group F4 also finish five games, scoring 3-2 and 2-3 respectively. Tristan from the same group goes for one win with three losses, but that wouldn’t be significant at all unless someone brings it up. Which, of course, he does. Only 38 hours after the update, Meldarion announces to all that he’s finished all six of his games, but not doesn’t inform the casual reader as to whether the final game was won or lost. Tristan only takes an extra nine hours, but he finishes with a loss-win ratio that could easily be compared to Meldarion’s win-loss ratio. I guess there’ll be plenty here to update in almosttricky’s next update.


Qualifier 1 had a slow news week, with the only interesting thing happening in the thread (and the only thing at all) being a substitution for Illuminati. The score-keeper himself decides to take a more active role in the competition, substituting in on the Final Earth template to team up with Xera.


You know how when there’s free stuff, it goes quickly then you have to tell everyone that it’s all run out? Well, that’s exactly what happens here. The community continues to read “Lifetime Membership” and “giveaway tournament”, and ask to be allowed to compete. The only problem is that the tournament filled up ages ago. And no one is reading the thread. I count 14 players asking to join in last week alone, not counting previous weeks, so Meldarion suggests that almosttricky edits the first post of the thread. It seems to have worked, with not a single player requesting to join since then.


Onoma94 releases an update for the division, reporting all the completed games for the last reporting period. The points contested is still quite close for the top three clans, |GG|, Apprentice and CORP. New World Order is in last place with more games lost than any other clan has completed. There is a poaching, with schwarz moving from NWO to Outlaws. With the record of NWO, though, it isn’t unexpected that any players who are actually still around will want to move on. The crops are ripe for harvesting, guys! NWO is ready for harvest!


There was an update this week. One. And from Platinum. About 50% of the posts were about predictions and scores, with Platinum giving a quick scoring of every Division A clan’s win-loss record. The other 50% of posts? Well, they were actually on-topic, talking about update release predictions and non-existent replacement games. So over all, we are still waiting for anything productive to come from this thread…


Blitz. It’s all about Blitz. Quoting Jefferspin: “No one believed in us not getting last place but here we are! Thank you for the congratulations. We will now fight not to get second to last!”


The March update comes out and Has quit playing Has changed name to Devean. In other news, kicorse continues to outperform many other WZ players, achieving a ninth first-place score. rakleader goes for an eighth title, while Bonsai scores his first win on Post-Melt Antarctica. Based on the eight records being kept by ekstone, it is a close battle between kicorse and rakleader for the title of the ‘best’ player in the Tour. Your opinion on who is better will probably be informed by your opinion on quality versus quantity, with those favouring quality preferring kicorse, and those quantity, rakleader.

1v1 Ladder:
  • 1st: AI (rating 2243)
  • 2nd: AlturoSensei (rating 2149)
  • 3rd: jimmy (rating 2055)
  • 325 competing players
  • 272 ranked players

Seasonal Ladder:
  • 1st: Leapord (rating 3686)
  • 2nd: Buns157 (rating 3568)
  • 3rd: JV (rating 3558)
  • 192 competing players
  • 229 ranked players

2v2 Ladder:
  • 1st: Super Smoove and clivan (rating 1981)
  • 2nd: ACL Tears and Orgasmatron (rating 1972)
  • 3rd: Negan and pete (rating 1971)
  • 73 teams competing
  • 53 teams ranked

3v3 Ladder:
  • 1st: ARand0mPlayer, Turkish and Derfellios (rating 1992)
  • 2nd: ACL Tears, Orgasmatron and Bacon (rating 1976)
  • 3rd: Beren • apex, Lúthien • apex and The Dragon of the West (rating 1929)
  • 29 teams competing
  • 19 teams ranked

And that's it! I know today's was a short one, and I know that I left out the usual MOTW section. I hope I'll have the time and motivation to add them to next week's summary. But for this week, I have nothing else to show.

Good luck with all your games!

The News Reader
WarZone News Report 2019-03-31 to 2019-04-06: 2019-04-08 11:39:27

Level 61
Hey! Welcome back
WarZone News Report 2019-03-31 to 2019-04-06: 2019-04-09 20:06:17

Level 59
Is that lifetime membership tourny still available? And I cant get that wrong link to work on that thread...

Thanks for the update news reader, handy thread :)
WarZone News Report 2019-03-31 to 2019-04-06: 2019-04-09 21:57:42

Level 61
The Tournament has started, so unfortunately no one else can join.
WarZone News Report 2019-03-31 to 2019-04-06: 2019-04-10 12:03:58

Level 58
Is that lifetime membership tourny still available?

I don't wish to sound sarcastic, but...

WarZone News Report 2019-03-31 to 2019-04-06: 2019-04-10 16:34:05

Level 59
sounds cool, sign me up there if ye still can
WarZone News Report 2019-03-31 to 2019-04-06: 2019-04-10 22:10:12

Level 61
WarZone News Report 2019-03-31 to 2019-04-06: 2019-04-13 22:10:26

Level 64
but who won warzone or fake news last week
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