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Americas 1840. USA Unorganized Territories Mapping: 3/31/2019 06:35:29

Level 58
So I'm currently mapping the USA in my Americas 1840 map (Link: https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=74497), The States were easy to map, Wisconsin Territory wasn't that hard too, Iowa Territory was a bit harder (still not satisfied with how it came out, if you have suggestions for territories or names let me know). So the Unorganized Territories are next, and if I had problems with Iowa this is even worse haha, so I would like to hear suggestions for the territories in there, normally when there's no cities,towns, etc. I use Rivers,Mountains, Valleys, Tribes etc. I don't think naming territories something like: Montana Territories or Wyoming Territories makes sense at all since those States weren't even considered back then, it was just Unorganized so if you have ideas on how to name the territories I would be very grateful, if you have a map even better, the thing is I want to get as many territories as possible there, I don't like making huge territories that end up bordering like 12 other territories (like those at Amazonas).
Thanks for the Help.
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