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AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Blitzkrieg Bork: 4/2/2019 03:56:58

Level 55
This is the 12th Grand Slam on the Tour (the 34th major and the 141th event in total)

This tournament is the part of the AWP World Tour:

Tournament details:
  • Format:
    Private Tournament - Single elimination (invitations only by the host)
  • Number of players in tournament:
    128 players
  • Template:
    AWP World Tour - Blitzkrieg Bork
  • Game Pace:
    Multi-day - 3 day auto boot - vacations allowed
How to participate?
  • Short answer: write here or send a mail to me, and I will help you to join.
  • Long answer: the details of the invitation method
    I will use a two steps invitation process:
    • On Tuesday (later today) I will create the tournament and
      • invite the actual TOP100 players from the Ranking List (see the link above).
      • invite the players who requested Wild Cards
        Attention! I won't give any Wild Card without request in the future.
        You can request Wild Card simple by writing a PM (WZ mail) to me.
    • On Wednesday, between 04:00-06:00 am CET, I will invite every remained players from my invitation list (you can check my present invitation list here: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=29058).
      • If you are in that list then you will receive a tourney invitation, and the only what you need for the participation is to join asap, before the event will be filled.
      • If you aren't in the invitation list yet, but would like to play, then you need write here (or send mail to me) until 10 minutes before I send the invitations, and I will add you to the list and invite you to the tourney.
      • If you are in that list but don't wish to receive further Tour invitations, write here or any AWP topic (or send mail to me) and I will remove you from my invitation list. Later you can rejoin at anytime, I just don't want to spam anybody.
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Blitzkrieg Bork: 4/2/2019 04:00:55

Level 55
I created the tournament, and sent the invitations to the TOP100 and the Wild Carded players.

The link of the tourney:
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Blitzkrieg Bork: 4/2/2019 04:14:43

Level 55
Sorry for I opened this today not Monday, I have a delay with monthly process (I hate when Monday is the first day of the month :))

And I have a delay with the new Tour template system too, so some of you are surprised that not the old Snow Mountain MA template was used as a Grand Slam, but Blitzkrieg Bork. This is why we (template panel) already made decisions about the major and 500 Series templates, so I use them already (the official communication will be after we will finish the 250 Series templates too)
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Blitzkrieg Bork: 4/4/2019 04:45:40

Level 55
Invitations were sent to everybody in my invite list.
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Blitzkrieg Bork: 4/6/2019 17:12:42

Level 61
I’m just happy I’m in
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Blitzkrieg Bork: 4/6/2019 17:31:12

Level 63
Yeah, not my favorite choice for a grand slam.
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Blitzkrieg Bork: 4/8/2019 05:04:28

Level 55
In the Clay (weird templates) season, all templates are controversial, but this is the nature of weird settings imo.
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Blitzkrieg Bork: 4/9/2019 08:42:35

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
I don't like Bork. I do like that you are changing things up though.
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Blitzkrieg Bork: 4/9/2019 12:33:34

Master Meldarion 
Level 63
I do like bork
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