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Clan: Maximus Trollitus

Number of members: 113
Link: Clan Anthem : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnLjr8TaE1Q
Tagline: [agitate. pulsate. exterminate.]
Created: 5/10/2014

Bio: New clan made on May 11 by ladder #1 players (and trolls). Join us and we pass on the skill and the trollz!


Creators: Pulsey -> http://warlight.net/Profile?p=7830294879
Pulsius -> http://warlight.net/Profile?p=7521772301

Manager: Cameron Seducer Williams



Q: Can I join your clan?
A: I don’t know. Can you?

Q: May I join your clan?
A: Ah, yes you may. Ask our leaders for an invite. Bring at least 15 levels with you though.

Q: What are the titles for?
A: For the amusement of the Yeti that lives under your bed.

Q: Can I choose my own title?
A: I don’t know. Can you?

Q: May I choose my own title?
A: Ah, yes you may. We have a thread in the clan forums for this.

Q: Can I challenge your clan to a clan battle?
A: I don’t know. Can you?

Q: May I challenge your clan to a clan battle?
A: Ah, yes you may. Send your request to nowedonotacceptclanchallenges@trollmail.com and we’ll get back to you if we are interested.


Clan Member Title
Istanbul You're a trooper
Gollow Godric Hollow
Nightwing Nighttroll
Tristan God of Thunder
Potassium Karutasp
Shattered Ice The Last Samurai
Gandalf 50 Shades of Gandalf
warHawk warHorse remake
The Great Pulsius Emperor Pulsius
ChristophU ChrisCMU!?
Dexter Just Serial Killer
UltraLawlz Mr.Miss LGBT
ice queen Let it go....!
Borador A kind of Dog
Pinkbladder Where's the toilet??
jugglerwill OOPS, SORRY :P
blue Deep blue
PK Knock Out!
Microscope Janssen
Debasser doh'din
Green Yellowish Blue
The Dujin The India
Sizzles Fizzers
Вадим Войтенко Руки вверх!
Pedobear321 Sit on my lap 629
Mother Hen
OttoVon Bismarck
Athorivos Sokrates
Valandur The Polish Dude
Yiuri 안녕하세요!
Kool Kat Kool Kids Klub
GenericScreenname FrostySummer
jjj6837 JJ
Lars The Lars
kenneth ken ten
Adgra Add grass
Lamyml Amsterdam Constable
spider689 The Webmaster
Man on the Moon Small ben
FalconVIII F/A-18
Wilcor Please Don't Applaud
Buck Naked -- =3
Scooby Doo
Meowr Rawr
Demonous Possesed
Blank Space
President Snowden Exile turned leader
infinity killer greece (kr4424) 4424 greeks dead
Merciless Really?
Warlighter The Generalist
George Washington George in Seattle
Hawaiian Aloha
Joe Mr Average
Carrot Carrot of Terror
Painter Needs more paint
Privet Spasiba
Gray Color
Rain Man Wet Guy
Salami Not my favorite food
Machiavelli Niccolo
Red Orange Clockwork Orange
Art of War Artist
Master Master of Masters
Salt&Pepper Tasty in moderation
Comrade Red
Kramnik Chess representative
Wellington Waterloo
Mugabe Emperor of Zimbabwe
Mickey Mouse Talking mouse
Chris tophU
Alex The Great
Obama Hussein
Disneyland Disney's land
V for Vengeance V for Vacation
Clausewitz Europe's Sun Tzu
Napoleon Bonaparte I am France!
Vauban Marquis
Metallica Lots of metal
Wall of Concrete Hard to troll
Man From Tasmania Periphery Man
Ellada Arkhaia
Pear Pear clan sucks
BlazinPasta Hot and Fiery
007 Move along...
henflys6 Chicken Flies Too
TCold THot's girlfriend
Niiv Fairy Tail
General Valentin Bulgarian Tzar
Ser Araris Rivera Captain Mexico
dvoika Vodka
Crixus Luther Reforming Gladiator
The Most Imperial Banana of the [Banana Clan] Shake my banana =3
Dolan Gooby pls
William the Hunter Jacob the Fearless
Lucius Malfoy
Elias59 The Authority
Cameron Seducer Williams Hot guy
Thejes Long live the Queen
sedave Sedative
Dorfleben Jenny Tinkerbell
julle Male Julie
Tim Ho Ho ho ho!
Vanessa Wong Volkswagen
grzex Grey T-Rex
Poison ZZ Sleeping Death
Noxy Foxy
juhuuu Disastrous player
Xvector Xfactor for Maths
Hero_of_Legacy Hercules
eXistenZe Spelling Bee Champ
Rachael S Snow queen