Levels by Antonius I of Smoleńsk

Europe at War (Between Seas)

The Election in Poland

Europe at War(pro-Russian)

Europe at War (pro-refugees)

WW3 pt.1

WW3 pt.2

WW3 pt.3

WW3 pt.4

WW3 pt.5

WW3 pt.6

WW3 pt.7

WW3 pt.8

WW3 pt.9

WW3 pt.10

WW3 pt.11

WW3 pt.12

WW3 pt.13

WW3 pt.14

WW3 pt.15

WW3 pt.16

WW3 pt.17

WW3 pt.18

WW3 pt.19

WW3 pt.20

WW3 pt.21

WW3 pt.22

WW3 pt.23

WW3 pt.24 (Final!)

Wrath of the Aliens pt.1

Wrath of the Aliens pt.2

Wrath of the Aliens pt.3

Wrath of the Aliens pt.4

Wrath of the Aliens pt.5

Wrath of the Aliens pt.6

Wrath of the Aliens pt.7

Wrath of the Aliens pt.8

Wrath of the Aliens pt.9

Wrath of the Aliens pt.10

Wrath of the Aliens pt.11

Wrath of the Aliens pt.12

Wrath of the Aliens pt.13

Wrath of the Aliens pt.14

Wrath of the Aliens pt.15

Wrath of the Aliens pt.16(Final!)

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.1

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.2

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.3

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.4

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.5

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.6

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.7

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.8

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.9

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.10

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.11

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.12

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.13

World in Conflict,Europe,NATO pt.14

World in Conflict,Europe,WTO pt.1

World in Conflict,Europe,WTO pt.2

World in Conflict,Europe,WTO pt.3

World in Conflict,Europe,WTO pt.4

World in Conflict,Europe,WTO pt.5

World in Conflict,Europe,WTO pt.6

World in Conflict,Europe,WTO pt.7

World in Conflict,Europe,WTO pt.8

World in Conflict,Europe,WTO pt.9

World in Conflict,Europe,WTO pt.10

World in Conflict,Asia,NATO pt.1

Fire and Fury pt.1

World in Conflict,Asia,NATO pt.2

Fire and Fury pt.2

World in Conflict,Asia,NATO pt.3

Fire and Fury pt.3 (Description is important!)

World in Conflict,Asia,NATO pt.4

Fire and Fury pt.4

World in Conflict,Asia,NATO pt.5

Fire and Fury pt.5

World in Conflict,Asia,NATO pt.6

Fire and Fury pt.6

World in Conflict,Asia,NATO pt.7

Fire and Fury pt.7

World in Conflict,Asia,NATO pt.8

Fire and Fury pt.8 (The End)

World in Conflict,Asia,NATO,pt.9

All of Poland laughs at you! #1

World in Conflict,Asia,NATO,pt.10

All of Poland laughs at you! #2

World in Conflict,Asia,NATO,pt.11

All of Poland laughs at you! #3

World in Conflict,Asia,NATO,pt.12

All of Poland laughs at you! #4

World in Conflict,Asia,WTO pt.1

All of Poland laughs at you! #5

World in Conflict,Asia,WTO pt.2

All of Poland laughs at you! #6

World in Conflict,Asia,WTO pt.3

All of Poland laughs at you! #7

World in Conflict,Asia,WTO pt.4

All of Poland laughs at you! #8

World in Conflict,Asia,WTO pt.5

All of Poland laughs at you! #9

World in Conflict,Asia,WTO pt.6

All of Poland laughs at you! #10

World in Conflict,Asia,WTO pt.7

World in Conflict,Asia,WTO pt.8

Rus (of) Putin pt.1

World in Conflict,Africa,NATO,pt.1

Rus (of) Putin pt.2

World in Conflict,Africa,NATO,pt.2

Rus (of) Putin pt.3

World in Conflict,Africa,NATO,pt.3

Rus (of) Putin pt.4

World in Conflict,Africa,NATO,pt.4

Rus (of) Putin pt.5

World in Conflict,Africa,NATO,pt.5

Rus (of) Putin pt.6

World in Conflict,Africa,NATO,pt.6

World in Conflict,Africa,NATO,pt.7

Rus (of) Putin pt.7

World in Conflict,Africa,NATO,pt.8

Rus (of) Putin pt.8

World in Conflict,Africa,NATO,pt.9

World in Conflict,Africa,NATO,pt.10

World in Conflict,Africa,WTO,pt.1

Total War: Mongol Empire pt.1

World in Conflict,Africa,WTO,pt.2

Total War: Mongol Empire pt.2

World in Conflict,Africa,WTO,pt.3

Total War: Mongol Empire pt.3

World in Conflict,Africa,WTO,pt.4

Total War: Mongol Empire pt.4

World in Conflict,Africa,WTO,pt.5

Total War: Mongol Empire pt.5

World in Conflict,Africa,WTO,pt.6

Total War: Mongol Empire pt.6

Total War: Mongol Empire pt.7

World in Conflict,Americas,NATO,#1

Total War: Mongol Empire pt.8

World in Conflict,Americas,NATO,#2

World in Conflict,Americas,NATO,#3

Total War: Mongol Empire pt.9

Total War: Mongol Empire pt.10

World in Conflict,Americas,NATO,#4

Total War: Mongol Empire pt.11

World in Conflict,Americas,NATO,#5

World in Conflict,Americas,NATO,#6

Total War: Mongol Empire pt.12

Rus (of) Putin pt.9

World in Conflict,Americas,NATO,#7

Rus (of) Putin pt.10

World in Conflict,Americas,NATO,#8

North Korea vs Zombies pt.1

World in Conflict,Americas,NATO,#9

North Korea vs Zombies pt.2

World in Conflict,Americas,NATO,#10

North Korea vs Zombies pt.3

World in Conflict,Americas,WTO,#1

World in Conflict,Americas,WTO,#2

World in Conflict,Americas,WTO,#3

Vatican Conquest #1

World in Conflict,Americas,WTO,#4

Vatican Conquest #2

Vatican Conquest #3

Modern World Megacampaign: USA

World in Conflict,Americas,WTO,#5

Vatican Conquest #4

World in Conflict,Americas,WTO,#6

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.1

Vatican Conquest #5

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.2

World in Conflict,Americas,WTO,#7

Vatican Conquest #6

World in Conflict,Americas,WTO,#8

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.3

Vatican Conquest #7

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.4

Vatican Conquest #8

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.5

Vatican Conquest #9

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.6

Modern World Megacampaign: Russia

Vatican Conquest #10

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.7

Vatican Conquest #11

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.8

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.9

Vatican Conquest #12

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.10

Vatican Conquest #13

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.11

Vatican Conquest #14

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.12

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.13

Total War:Shogun 3 pt.14

The Darkest Hour: Prologue

The Darkest Hour 1: Battle of France

The Darkest Hour 2: Defend the Homeland

WWI Europe Megacamapign: Germany

The Darkest Hour 3: Italian Territorial ambitions

The Darkest Hour 4:Invasion on Greece

The Darkest Hour 5:Free the Ethiopia

The Darkest Hour 6: pro-Axis Iraq

The Darkest Hour 7: Vichy's colonies

The Darkest Hour 8:Operation Crusader

The Darkest Hour 9: Battle of Hongkong

The Darkest Hour:DLC

Modern World Megacampaign: USA + Russia

The Darkest Hour 10:The empire strikes again!

The Darkest Hour 11:Myanmar defense

The Darkest Hour 12:The Desert Fox

The Darkest Hour 13:Battle of Alam el Halfa

The Darkest Hour 14:Operation Supercharge

The Darkest Hour 15:Chaos in Africa

The Darkest Hour 16:End the war in Africa

The Darkest Hour 17:Invasion on Italy

The Darkest Hour 18:Doom in Italia

Fire and Fury DLC

The Darkest Hour 19: Invasione

The Darkest Hour 20:Lost in Rome

The Darkest Hour 21:Changed role

The Darkest Hour 22:Deeper and deeper...

The Darkest Hour 23:Dear Normandy,

The Darkest Hour 24:Operation Dragoon

The Darkest Hour 25:To Paris!

The Darkest Hour 26:Meanwhile at south...

The Darkest Hour 27:Fall of south Italy

The Darkest Hour 28:Liberation of Athens

The Darkest Hour 29:Ardennes Offensive

The Darkest Hour 30:Go East

The Darkest Hour 31:Road to Hong Kong

The Darkest Hour 32:Begginging of the end

The Darkest Hour 33:re-take of Borneo

The Darkest Hour 34:Way to Berlin

The Darkest Hour 35:Almost there

The Darkest Hour 35:Final Showdown

Wrath of the Humans pt.1

Wrath of the Humans pt.2

Wrath of the Humans pt.3

Wrath of the Humans pt.4

Wrath of the Humans pt.5

Wrath of the Humans pt.6


Heart of Wild,Arriving,Vikings,p.1

Heart of Wild,Arriving,Vikings,p.2

Wrath of the Humans pt.7

Heart of Wild,Arriving,Vikings,p.3

Wrath of the Humans pt.8

Heart of Wild,Arriving,Vikings,p.4

Wrath of the Humans pt.9

"West Virginia,Mountain Mama...

3rd Reich invades USA

Wrath of the Humans pt.10

The Sound of Silence

Modern World Megacampaign:China

Modern World Megacampaign: Intermarium

Future:Davos World

Future:Pax Americana

Wrath of the Humans pt.11

Future:The New Caliphate

Wrath of the Humans pt.12

Future:Spiral of Fear

Good or Evil? 1.Prologue

Good or Evil? 2.Betrayal

Wrath of the Humans pt.13

Good or Evil? 3.The Dispute

Wrath of the Humans pt.14

Good or Evil? 4 More,and more,and more...

Wrath of the Humans pt.15