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Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 16:55:28

Level 59
This post starts a somewhat, what I call a Warzone Community Newsletter + Editorial by FiveSmith.

Q: What is this Newsletter + Editorial?

A: This is a highly opinionated media about all the current events in Warzone + my thoughts on them. The target audience reader of this media is someone, who is interested in what’s going on in Warzone, but has no time or enthusiasm to read all the sources of news.

Q: What will be posted in Newsletter + Editorial?

A: There will be two kinds of posts by me:

- Recap of main community events: CW, CL, Clan dramas, noticeable posts on forums (for example, like the CL scores threads). I will try to do cover event as they go, but at least once in a month.
- My opinions on topics, that I find interesting. The topics will be mostly tied to the the ongoing events. Yet I reserve a right for me to discuss any other topic, that I find interesting.

If you want to contribute, then you are welcome. Please read some details on that further.

Q: How is this all organized?

A: The Newsletter + Editorial will be mirrored on two platforms:

1. This topic on Warzone Forums
-- I selected “Classic” section just because there is not a 100% suitable section for stuff like that, and “Classic” has the most views and has meta topics like mine. If mod would like to move it to “offtopic”, I will respect that decision
-- Obviously everyone may and should post here too 🙂 Be that just comments or more substantial posts on their own.
2. A standalone blog here: https://warzone5s.wordpress.com/
-- The purpose of it is to allow for a reader to read just the main posts of the newsletter in a comfortable manner
-- If anyone would like to contribute and write posts for the newsletter, just get in contact with me and they will mirrored there too.
-- This would also allow to conveniently subscribe for new posts with RSS. And RSS further enables all sorts of other integrations (for example, Discord).

If it proves to be in demand, I might also make a standalone Discord with pure intent of notifications for new posts.

Q: Why am I doing that?

A: The idea of a community newsletter seemed interesting to me. I personally enjoy reading long stories about interesting events, so I guess this might be interesting for others. I drew my inspiration from Samurai Jack’s podcast “Search-Deploy-Commit” and the internal newsletter of Fifth Column Confederation clan. And I got bored enough to try to entertain me and others.

Let’s Go!

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Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 16:57:20

Samek ● 
Level 57
I support this and look forward to reading! ●
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 16:57:59

Level 59
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 16:59:30

Level 59
Warzone Newsletter #1

This is a first newsletter, and it is basically a recap of the noticeable events in March 2023

Hottest controversial topic on how to increase the popularity of Warzone

Quite a lot of reading and various opinions on how to get more people into playing Warzone. Obviously we would want our beloved game to prospers, yet everybody has his own opinion.

Currently discussed here: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/682682-expansion-warzone

Experiments with new templates

Currently, two warzoners try to play test new templates with interesting (or not) features:
- stefano36000 is tweaking and testing a template with “better don’t fail an attack” mod to make it popular. He had previous success with getting attraction to Landria, so this initiative may succeed too. https://www.warzone.com/Forum/682089-modded-tourney-join-
- waffle 2.0 is hosting a series of games with completely random and experimental settings. I heard some controversial responses about the quality of those random settings, so not sure, whether it is aimed to having fun now, or to promote a community successful template (or a new combination of settings) https://www.warzone.com/Forum/679857-series-games-entirely-random-settings

Season 28 of the Clan Wars is over

Season 28 of the Clan Wars is over and MythBusters won it for the 11th time in a row.

While most of the CW competition is quite stale with settled, the actual competition is happening between Harmony and Mothership for Top-5 (it gives way more coins than Top-6-9 places). Mothership has managed to get to Top-5 in last 4 seasons of CW (Seasons 25-28), but in Season 29 they have a setback and currently really lagging behind Harmony.

Clan League

The mid-season registration has ended. And some of the smaller divisions are actually coming to starting their last round of games for certain templates. We might expect soon to have the “Template Tournament Winners” (Clans who are the best at certain template within their division) announced.


Search-Deploy-Commit Season 2 Episode 11

Interview with ps, YT Face of WGL and Demoscene MasterSearch-Deploy-Commit about old times of Warzone/Warlight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwv_zLBCL7c

Kitler is missing

Kitler (the clan leader of Cats clan) is missing for 23 days. Looks like no one knows what has happened. He initially turned on the “vacation” option, so that it means that his absens was somewhat planned. Yet after the vacation expired, he has not returned and it already resulted in lots of booted games, which he started, and also Clan League games

People say that sometimes this has happened to him previously, so probably he is OK.

Leaked docs about the M’Plosion

The M’Plosion (A big group of players leaving M’Hunters to a new clan Optimum) happened half a year ago, but recently on the Clan League discord someone leaked a document of M’Hunters clan manager responding to the private clan messages (“accusations”) of former clanmates. It have some interesting stuff about how M’Hunters used to setup their CW roster and leaks some light on the internal stuff of the M’Plosion

Link to the discord post: https://discord.com/channels/580928945088888843/813178060861472830/1085675218346971177

A Mythbuster getting paid to not play Clan Wars

It was leaked on forums and discord, that someone from MythBusters Clan (now probably a former member) got paid real money to actually not play Clan Wars for Myth Busters (or at all). Well, that’s interesting. Not a lot of public details on that, but various sources confirm that this is true.

NONO’s rants

While it was started as a daily rant on various WZ topics, it is not daily now, but still may serve a a local base for memes or discussion. So far we had rants about:
- Insufficient Clan War rewards
- Unwelcomed invited from XP-farmers like FC Bayern
- Unfairness of SEAD and SE1W templates


Classic games accusations and bad manners

Not sure if that would be worth mentioning in the future, but we had a few fail topics, when people accused their opponents or partners of bad stuff, but when all information was revealed, it turned out that it they who are wrong.

Not that important, but may be fun to read if you like drama. Those kinds of topics are usually heavily downvoted, so you might have missed them.


There was also a few dramas erupting from diplo games, but those drama mainly stayed within global chat. If someone has screenshots or logs, I would be interesting to get them posted.

Various Clan Stuff

- People seem to have too much coins to spend, so we now have fun clans like Monty (a tribute to alexclusive) and ClanZilla (planned for GODZILLAREDSTAR)
- EEE. left Mothership (and he was major CW contributor for them) hasn’t settled for a clan name for his clan and started a tour across other clans https://www.warzone.com/Forum/682434-clan-name-eee-choose

Obviously I missed something or got it wrong. Please comment, like and subscribe :)

Edited 3/28/2023 17:04:47
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 17:02:18

Level 59
Will take back my comment, checked out the blog and was a fun read.
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 17:02:24

Samek ● 
Level 57

Fancy Seal of Approval. ●
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 17:37:07

Level 61
Great job 5S!
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 17:46:01

waffle 1.0 
Level 56
That was really enjoyable to read, even being up-to-date myself with most of the covered topics already. Well done, keep it up :)
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 17:53:07

Level 60
Good job and nice work! This could become an interesting thread
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 18:40:31

old yeller 
Level 57
awesome idea, thank you fivesmith
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 18:46:10

Level 61
Fantastic debut entry, FiveSmith. Your contributions to the warzone community are greatly appreciated
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 18:53:25

Edgar Allen Toe
Level 43
Since it was mentioned, I'd like to aggressively advertise that:
Clanzilla is not recruiting!

but we are a safe haven for all zillas as well as those who aspire to be zillas or even condone zillas

Edited 3/28/2023 18:53:35
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 20:37:09

Level 61
Thanks for mentioning my template forum thread FiveSmith!

Just to expand on that a bit and explain the journey of the template.

I started exploring the mad world of mods a few months ago when I received my LTM and was curious about them, and found the combo better don't fail an attack (bdfaa, when an attack fails the dead armies go tho the opponent/neutral on the attacked territory) and dense fog (can't see the troops on bordering territories, just like light fog otherwise) interesting.

I see quite a few modded games out there but those are mostly 1)Diplo 2) absolute chaos, the only strat template using mods I see out there includes the swapped picks mod, which is great, but I believed the bdfaa/dense fog could be the base for an interesting template.

So I got to tinkering, add some luck there, villages, maybe neutral moves? Well, what I found is that bdfaa makes you paranoid, and adding a luck factor just adds to the paranoia, neutral moves pushed the paranoia to levels where I would only attack a neutral with full income. Generally the template was too defensive, too slow, too dull.

That's where I need to thank the people who helped with the testing, waffle 2.0 (whose patience I took advantage of :)), otto, TR-8R and others.

At that point I had a template I thought could be interesting strategically speaking but which had significant flaws, and that's when the breakthrough came! "Where from?" you'll ask, if you kept reading till here, and frankly I don't know why you would. Well, from clan league, I had played a few Georgia Army Cap games with Die Rolle (div D2) and have been playing it a bit eversince (thanks El Eternauta). The army cap forces you to be much more offensive to avoid reaching the cap, and the bdfaa mod changes that strategy as well by stopping you from just tapping neutrals to avoid reaching the cap.

So, now I had a template I deemed interesting, where do I go from there? Obviously create a tournament, right? Wrong, bdfaa is not supported in tournaments to my disappointment.

Well screw that, I'm already a scorekeeper for clan league, I'll create a tournament manually, and scorekeep that too!

So that's where we're at now, you can follow the tournament here: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/682089-modded-tourney-join-
First round still ongoing.

Not sure what the next step is, still open to suggestions about how to improve the template, I guess the final aim of this would be to have more mods available in tournaments.

Thanks for reading! Hope it didn't feel like a waste of time!


PS: vote for Landria in QM

Edited 3/28/2023 20:39:07
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 20:42:03

Level 60
Nice added text Stefano
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 23:31:58

Level 62
Someone used to do something like this years ago. How will you make sure your newsletter stays active?
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/28/2023 23:35:44

old yeller 
Level 57
by the power of grey skull danwl
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/29/2023 06:16:09

Level 59
Someone used to do something like this years ago.
Thanks for tip-off. I have now looked for and checked those.

How will you make sure your newsletter stays active?
In short, I dont have commited goals of "making sure it stays active", but I currently sctructure this activity in a way, that increases the chances of it to be continued. I think I might write an editorial on the topic of community driven content.

So please enjoy (or dislike) this Newsletter while it is available.
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/29/2023 08:16:49

Level 60
I do think tho that you should not add the don't play with... like topics. Or give a brief recap while linking those treads. Because some people might just block those players without really reading these threads. Therefore this does not give these players a chance to react, while they might have reacted in the thread you linked
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/29/2023 10:58:48

waffle 1.0 
Level 56
@vena but then they would want to see the thread, if anything, just to check it out, assuming they haven't seen it before. I'm not sure if anyone actually seriously blocks people who are in these threads.
Warzone Community Newsletter: 3/29/2023 11:03:59

Level 61
I blocked waffle 2.0 for being in that thread.
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