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Clan: <--The Avengers-->

Number of members: 60
Link: https://discord.gg/gQdtwCZ
Tagline: Assemble
Created: 4/14/2017

Bio: We are currently going through a rebuild with new leadership. Any active player is welcome. We will be looking to compete in clan events such as Clan League, Clan Wars and other Clan competitions when we have enough active interest.

You are invited to join this clan providing you meet most of these requirements:
1: Eagerness to learn or teach other players.
2. At least moderately low boot rate.
3. Each player should inform the leader of the clan of his absence of 30 days and more, or they will be booted.

Default title-Shield Agent: Shield agents are members who are learning or just want the comradery of being in a clan.
Shield Leader: Trainer of shield agents. Helps improve skills of others through practice matches.
Director of Shield:Co leader of the clan. Manages Shield.
Sword Agents: Must pass a test or few with the Director of Sword.
Sword Leader: Assists director of Sword in practice matches with sword agents.
Director of Sword: Co leader of the clan. Manages Sword, the competitive team. Also has so say in shield.
Dormant Director: directors that are not currently active on warzone. can change their title back to their previous title if they return
Our goal is to help players who want to improve their game play. We're an young clan, trying to be a good strategic clan and through continuous fun activities, we're aiming to improve.
Winner of Q1 in RCL Season 4: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lnxjM--zIi56gp_breItsKM2E8Mlxw2ifkQ_L7nFnjk/edit#gid=0
Events that Avengers participate in: Clan League, Reserve Clan League, Clan Wars, Draft Clan Wars, Regular Tournaments, Coin Tournaments, P/R leagues.

Iron Man=Siema Ziom is the founder of the clan. He has retired.

If you want to join the clan, send a message to Annoying_Child or Torsten.

Clan Member Title
DanWL [Dorment Director]
Hasdrubal Sword Agent
Ragnar Is Coming Shield Agent
Nathaniel Shield Agent
[NL] thor Shield Agent
randomperson Shield Agent
Torsten Recruiter
Poro Shield Agent
Binnie Sword Agent
Stag Director of Sword
Gross Hands Shield Agent
Pain Shield Agent
JRead Shield Agent
Purr Shield Agent
Hellcat Shield Agent
Dexter DK Shield Agent
Purplerayn [Dorment Director]
panchovilla Shield Agent
SnakeEyes Shield Agent
aj Shield Agent
Bane Shield Agent
Annoying_child Director
tommy Shield Agent
_The_Warlord_ Shield Agent
Maazerati Shield Agent
Roby Sword Agent
rambo111 Shield Agent
Johnny Chimpo Shield Agent
MangoMan7000 Shield Agent
RapidRidz Shield Agent
Ender Wiggin Shield Agent
Skoda Shield Agent
Refriedbeanz Shield Agent
wailing witch Shield Agent
Mighty_Odinson Shield Agent
AB Shield Agent
Rey Danimal Shield Agent
Boxman Shield Agent
PurplePineapple Shield Agent
0x Sword Agent
War Gent Shield Agent
Tarobi Shield Agent
ADIBOYNAN Shield Agent
Raven Shield Agent
trieli8 Shield Agent
AY Shield Agent
Leo(nidas) Shield Agent
KG_142 ALT
Mythos ALT
Iron Turtle Shield Agent
Abrikozenkoning Shield Agent
Patrick Corbin ALT
releasethekraken Shield Agent
T-Dog Shield Agent
KaelF2 ALT
allison Shield Agent
Alexander Souvorov Shield Agent
the_doctor Shield Agent
Lach Shield Agent