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Clan: <--The Avengers-->

Number of members: 22
Link: https://discord.gg/PBW3nBZ
Created: 4/14/2017

Bio: We are an experienced group of friendly players looking to compete in clan events such as Clan League, Clan Wars and other Clan competitions.

You are invited to join this clan providing you meet most of these requirements:

1: Have a 1v1 win rate of at least 40%, as well as reasonable team stats.
2. At least moderately low boot rate.
3. Each player should inform the leader of the clan of his absence of 30 days and more.

Default title is Secret Agent and after a period of 3 months in a clan title of "Hero" or custom title as per player's wish is given. Title is not related with skill, just about the time of stay in the clan.

Each player has he option to join our:
-Discord group for enjoying chatting.

Our goal is to help players who want to improve their game play. We're an young clan, trying to be a good strategic clan and through continuous fun activities, we're aiming to improve.

Allied clans: The Wizards, Hawks, GV, NWO, TJC, USSR.

Winner of Q1 in RCL Season 4: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lnxjM--zIi56gp_breItsKM2E8Mlxw2ifkQ_L7nFnjk/edit#gid=0
Events that Avengers participate in: Clan League, Reserve Clan League, Clan Wars, Draft Clan Wars, Regular Tournaments, Coin Tournaments, P/R leagues.

Iron Man=Siema Ziom is the founder of the clan.

If you want to join clan, send a message to Siema Ziom or randomperson.

Clan Member Title
DanWL Leader 3
Hasdrubal Secret Agent
[NL] thor Secret Agent
randomperson Leader 2
Marcinkiewicz Secret Agent
Siema Ziom Leader 1
Bored of Warzone Leader 1.0
Defekin94 Secret Agent
Jeremiah2911 Secret Agent
Binnie Secret Agent
Dexter DK Secret Agent
Zmrdobij Secret Agent
jeff.jr123 Secret Agent
NotA4YearOld Secret Agent
Therm Secret Agent
Rico Secret Agent
Fairplay Boy Secret Agent
Lucia Secret Agent
Sherlock Hero