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Clan League 10: Division D Official Thread: 7/1/2018 14:37:14

Level 58
Hello to all you awesome people out there and welcome too the Division D thread!!!

Division D Scoreboard:

If you want too look up any extra info such as individual tourney progress, the BIG scoreboard, tourney winners or Subs, look on the document above

Division D is made up of the clans that got 3rd or 4th in there respective qualifiers, they are:

Preußen Garde: https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=184
They got 3rd in Q1 with 43 total points Abbreviation: PG

Brothers In Arms: https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=31
They got 4th in Q1 with 42 total points Abbreviation: BIA

Hawks: https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=174
They got 3rd in Q2 with 66 total points Abbreviation: N/A

The Avengers: https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=323
They got 4th in Q2 with 41 total points Abbreviation: Avengers

Decus Praesidium: https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=315
They got 3rd in Q3 with 44 total points Abbreviation: DP

[REGL] The Red Eagles: https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=1
They got 4th in Q3 with 35 total points Abbreviation: REGL

Here are some threads that are Relevant to Division D:
CL10 Announcements : https://www.warzone.com/Forum/294823-clan-league-10-announcements
Predictions : https://www.warzone.com/Forum/297427-clan-league-predictions
Div. Q1 : https://www.warzone.com/Forum/301780-clan-league-10-qualifier-1-official-thread
Div. Q2 : https://www.warzone.com/Forum/301735-clan-league-10-qualifier-2-official-thread
Div. Q3 : https://www.warzone.com/Forum/301771-clan-league-10-qualifier-3-official-thread
CL Discord : https://discord.gg/6zCP7vE

Current Standings in Division D:

Position             Clan              Points          Max Points        
1st                  PG                 0               110  
2nd                  Hawks              0               110 
3rd                  BIA                0               110
4th                  DP                 0               110 
5th                  REGL               0               110   
6th                  Avengers           0               110     

(I will be updating this as well as the scoreboard every week)

Format for Division D: Similar to Division D instead of using the CLOT or creating games individually instead this will be conducted as a set of tournies like the old CL's. As a result again similar to E some rules regarding subs and clan movement will be different and will be explained in the next post.


Mid Season Registration Ends July 11th
Tournament                                      Start Date
3v3 Biomes of America                           July 14th
1v1 Battle Islands V                            July 24nd  
2v2 Volcano Islands                             July 31st    
1v1 Strat Greece                                August 7th     
2v2 Final Earth                                 August 14th
1v1 Pangea Ultima WR                            August 3rd 

Tournament Links:

3v3 Biomes of America: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25620
2v2 Volcano Islands: N/A
2v2 Final Earth: N/A
1v1 Battle Islands V: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25621
1v1 Strat Greece: N/A
1v1 Pangea Ultima WR: N/A

(The reason for the big break between Biomes and the rest is that I will be unavailable for the week of the 15th)

Edited 7/10/2018 05:17:04
Clan League 10: Division D Official Thread: 7/1/2018 14:37:22

Level 58
Mid-Season Registration and Substitutions

Till July 15th, there is no cost of changing lineups and no subs will be counted and once the first tournament is created, any change in lineup will cost subs.

Since it is conducted in a format of tournaments and I am planning to keep 1 week in between the start of tournaments for lineup changes Id like too ask that Clan Managers substitute players within this time period.

-All tournaments are round-robin and all will be 2 games at the time and will as a result take 1-2 months to complete. So as a result if a substitution is really needed after the start of a tournament (like if a player goes inactive in the middle of a tourney) the remaining games for that clan will be remade as individual games.

Rules relevant to this thread:

-Clan Leaders are in charge of managing the substitutions and players. Pay attention to games to avoid boots, nonjoins, etc, or it could cost you valuable points. If you NEED too substitute a player please post it here as well as send me (THE AWESOME OTTERYCAT) a private mail either using WL mail or a PM on Discord so I can react appropriately.

Help in ongoing games:
-It is prohibited to get help or advice in a Clan League game from any player who is not playing in that game. If this happens, both parties are considered to have transgressed and be subject to potential sanction.

Clan Movement:
-Every player must be in the clan they represent on each game creation date, otherwise the game will be an automatic loss. If there are players on both teams that are not in the clans they represent, the winner will be chosen at random.

-If a player is present on Clan X’s roster in a given season, and decides to leave clan X to play for another Clan Y. This player cannot play for Clan X again for another 2 seasons. The only exception to this rule is if Clan X drops out of the Clan League.

-A player who leaves a clan should be immediately substituted, as any new games created with them will result in an automatic loss. I will be manually checking this (maybe 1-2 times a day and Id like to recommend that Clan managers keep track of this too).

-Every clan can replace 10 slots (out of 18) over the course of the season. Clan leaders may substitute players for any reason. If player already represents 3 slots, they can be partially replaced and continue to play some of the slots as well (i.e. substituted in some, but not necessarily all of their slots). If a clan has used all 10 substitutions over the season, it cannot make any further ones regardless of the circumstances.

-If a player changes clan during the transfer window any slots they occupied for their previous clan will still be applied to the player. If they have occupied N slots for their previous clan they will be allowed to play in 3-N slots for the new clan.

-Do not take control of a retired player's account to save their current games. These games should be forfeit as a penalty for retiring the player.

-In the event of a substitution, the on-going games for the retired player will not be remade. Only games which have not been created will be allotted to the substitute. Both players will use up a slot playing this tournament.

-Since it is in tournament format, I request the clan managers to make substitutions before the tournament starts. If in case of substitution after tournament starts, post it here-so that players know this and don't accidentally decline these games.

-Games created after the substitution-with player who has been subbed out will not be considered towards total points and will be remade individually with the player or players who have been subbed in.

Non-joins or declining the tournament:
-Players will be given a warning 3 days after a tournament is created,if they've not joined it. At 7 days a warning will be sent to the players again, and the Clan Leader. Lastly after 10 days the Clan leader will be contacted with a request to replace the player in that tourney which will cost a sub.

-If they've declined the tournament, a new player can be subbed in using 1 substitution.

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Clan League 10: Division D Official Thread: 7/10/2018 05:19:14

Level 58
The 3v3 Biomes as well and Battle Islands V tournies have both been created!!! Please join your tournies as soon as possible if your in 1 of these 2 tournies and of course GOOD LUCK!!!

Edited 7/10/2018 05:19:24
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