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Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/8/2018 20:13:39

Level 63
Hello everyone! Welcome to the Division Q3 official thread for Clan League 10!

For full information on rules/roster/substitutions/etc. please check the Clan League site: http://clan-league.westus.cloudapp.azure.com

This is the 3rd qualfier group with the following clans:
[REGL] The Red Eagles			=> https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=1			(REGL)
{rp} The Roleplayers Guild		=> https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=3			(RP)
{101st} 				=> https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=7 			(101st)
The League of Erroneous Aspirations	=> https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=72 		(LEA)
Apprentice 				=> https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=245 		(Apps)
Decus Praesidium 			=> https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=315		(DP)

As everyone can see, we have a bunch very old clans in this group. Some are regular participants in CL, some make a comeback and some play CL for the first time. We wish all of them best of luck.

The qualifier qualifies for:
1st 	=> C
2nd 	=> C
3rd 	=> D
4th 	=> D
5th 	=> E
6th 	=> E

Current Standings

general: http://www.pollandmatch.com/chooser?pollId=25600e08-020e-43c8-b969-10527a217cb5
French Brawl (1v1): http://www.pollandmatch.com/chooser?pollId=59b59006-24f5-49b4-bc81-ab02ca6e89da
Guiroma (1v1): http://www.pollandmatch.com/polls/c6966535-1b0a-4364-afd4-d9467193f93c
African Elitism (1v1): http://www.pollandmatch.com/polls/6356ca5a-f6c4-4339-b51f-54522dd94c25
Szeurope (2v2): http://www.pollandmatch.com/polls/84be7f6c-6143-4fd2-8d46-d60c27310c3d
Eu (3v3): http://www.pollandmatch.com/polls/e9bd443c-72e5-4bd0-ad8f-f01b50380802

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Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/8/2018 20:14:54

Level 63
Rules relevant to this thread.

Clan Leaders are in charge of managing the substitutions and players on the CLOT. Pay attention to games to avoid boots, nonjoins, etc, or it could cost you valuable points

Help in ongoing games
-It is prohibited to get help or advice in a Clan League game from any player who is not playing in that game. If this happens, both parties are considered to have transgressed and be subject to potential sanction.

Clan Movement
-Every player must be in the clan they represent on each game creation date, otherwise the game will be an automatic loss. If there are players on both teams that are not in the clans they represent, the winner will be chosen at random.
-If a player is present on Clan X’s roster in a given season, and decides to leave clan X to play for another Clan Y. This player cannot play for Clan X again for another 2 seasons. The only exception to this rule is if Clan X drops out of the Clan League.

-A player must be able to create a game by themselves on the template(i.e, unlock all features used on that template including the map itself). So, clans will have to watch out for this and accordingly choose their line-ups. We'll post the minimum level requirements for each template

-Every clan can replace 10 slots (out of 18) over the course of the season. Clan leaders may substitute players for any reason. If player represents 3 slots, they can be partially replaced and continue to play some of the slots as well (i.e. substituted in some, but not necessarily all of their slots). If a clan has used all 10 substitutions over the season, it cannot make any further ones regardless of the circumstances.
-If a player changes clan during the transfer window any slots they occupied for their previous clan will still be applied to the player. If they have occupied N slots for their previous clan they will be allowed to play in 3-N slots for the new clan.
-Do not take control of a retired player's account to save their current games. These games should be forfeit as a penalty for retiring the player.
-In the event of a substitution, the on-going games for the retired player will not be remade. Only games which have not been created will be allotted to the substitute. Both players will use up a slot playing this tournament. A substitution can be carried out here. (http://clan-league.westus.cloudapp.azure.com/changelineup)
-A player who leaves a clan should be immediately substituted, as any new games created with them will result in an automatic loss

Substitions Left:
RP	10
101st 	10
Apps	10
DP	10

4.4.2018 14:06:10 	REGL	Elitist Africa		NecessaryEagle		Little-Mouse
4.4.2018 21:21:36	LEA	French Brawl		Shefs			the Bloody-Nine
4.4.2018 21:22:06	LEA	Pangea Ultima		Silas			Shefs
4.4.2018 21:22:23	LEA	Volcano Islands		the Bloody-Nine		Silas

Edited 4/9/2018 12:24:52
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/8/2018 20:41:29

Level 63
I plan on updating this thread regulary (no fixed schedule).

In order to make it a bit more interesting, I will comment on actions in this group a bit. Don't take these comments too serious, the main intention is to get some discussion going.

Looking at the group we have 2 main favorites for promoting to B (Apps and 101st) and a big gap between them and the rest of the group. Both favorites haven't maxed out their top-tier players, which more or less is a statement, that they think, they can do fine without maxing them out and having more ressources for C. We will see, if this was a smart idea.

REGL is my favorite to get 3rd. They are the clan to beat, if 101st and Apps want to get to C. REGL has some decent players, but I think they already lack a bit of depth esp. in team games. Some players are hard to rate, as they have no ladder stats, but at least a decent win rate.

Then through my eyes there is another big gap between REGL and the rest of the group. Maybe those underdogs will suprise everyone, but on paper they are underdogs. Out of the underdogs, I guess LEA will do best, as I know at least some of their players.

Through my eyes, it is already a bad sign if a clan already has to make substituions that early.

Do I miss some strong players without ladder stats? Do I undervalue some players? Tell me more!

Edited 4/8/2018 20:44:44
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/8/2018 22:43:34

Level 63
First blood in this division:

Mar3i (101st) won over Has quit playing (RP)
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/14/2018 11:18:43

Level 63

4 Games finished (since 8th April):

Mar3i (101st) beats Has quit playing (rp) on French Brawl

Avrya Stark (Apps) beats JMF (DP) on French Brawl

the Bloody-Nine (LEA) beats Jenny (REGL) on French Brawl

sloppyfatginger (Apps) beats Exiltibeter (REGL) on Guiroma

Mopter (DP) beats {rp} Kingmaker (RP)

The game on African Elitism 101st vs. REGL was created with the wrong player from REGL (Necessary Eagle instead of Little Mouse) due to an error by the CLOT.

MotD will manually fix this and this game won't count.

So far nothing big has happened. Apps and 101st have won their finished games as expected. LEA also did win their game. REGL had a bad start, but also faced strong opponents in the beginning. RP lost all their games and DP won one game against RP.

All in all, Apps and 101st perform like expected. LEA had a good start while REGL had a bad one compared to predictions (see below)

Only 5 players made predictions and only did so with the general ranking in the qualifier.

101st and Apps are favorites, with a slight advantage for 101st.
Everyone thinks REGL will get 3rd. Place 4 to 6 is unclear according to the poll.

Edited 4/14/2018 11:56:50
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/14/2018 12:53:11

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
Votes from https://www.warzone.com/Forum/297660-clan-league-predictions-competition for Qualifier 3

Edited 4/14/2018 12:53:30
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/16/2018 14:59:23

Level 61
I like the prediction that places 101st sixth, lol
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/17/2018 10:24:02

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/21/2018 16:28:37

Level 61
Onoma , I don't like this awful prediction :)), I think bad predictions should be punished with the guillotine :)))
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/22/2018 05:37:08

Level 63

4 Games finished (since 14th April):

Nero (Apps) beats snife (rp) on Guiroma

Electric_Kitten (101st) beats born41R(LEA) on Guiroma

begin_2000 (LEA) beats Sandgroper (DP) on Elitist Africa

Has quit playing + {rp} Napoléon (rp) beat Alex Trevell + bruce200(REGL) on Guiroma

Little-Mouse(REGL) beats THE AWESOME OTTERYCAT (101st)

has quit playing(rp) beats the Bloody-Nine (LEA)


101st faced their first loss and therefore Apps are in the sole lead. LEA is performing better than expected while REGL performed worse. Anyway, not much games and only one team game finished. So too early to really tell anything.

Edited 4/22/2018 18:19:29
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/22/2018 09:07:03

Level 56
found some minor mistakes in the post.

"as quit playing(rp) beats the Bloody-Nine (rp)" should be changed to:
"Has quit playing(rp) beats the Bloody-Nine (LEA)"

and my loss has the wrong link:
"Nero (Apps) beats snife (rp) on Guiroma


"Nero (Apps) beats snife (rp) on Elitist Africa

First teamgame victory is ours! This will be the starting point of our march to victory!

Edited 4/22/2018 09:08:13
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/22/2018 09:08:20

Timinator • apex 
Level 67
101st loss has the same wrong link
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/22/2018 11:29:28

Level 63
Thanks, changed!
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/22/2018 15:33:27

Level 61
as quit playing(rp) beats the Bloody-Nine (rp)

Does that mean that {rp} won or lost that game?
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/24/2018 17:25:35

Level 56
As I wrote this is a mistake.
We lost the game.

But some victories should come soon.

We don't need these easy points of 1vs1 games. We try to lose them to give other clans a chance too. If we would win every single game this could demotivate the other clans and they might leave the CL.
So we decided, because of altruistic motives, to abandon the 1vs1 games and some other games too.

You do not have to thank us.
We accept our responsibility for the community.

Edited 4/24/2018 17:30:32
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/25/2018 03:36:06

Level 60
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/25/2018 09:18:45

Level 60
How does one get one's clan to join these clan leagues?
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/25/2018 11:57:58

Level 61
Snife, thank you very much for your altruism, yes, you are candles that are burning for others, yes, yes, I am very moved by your modest clarification , and I am still weeping ,,, that's something reminiscent of "mother theresa " :)
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 4/29/2018 20:30:44

Level 63

6 Games finished (since 22.04.2018):

snife (rp) beats begin_2000 (LEA) on Elitist Africa

Electric_Kitten (101st) beats sloppyfatginger(Apps) on Guiroma

{{NeRo}} (Apps) beats THE AWESOME OTTERYCAT(101st) on Elitist Africa

Fluttershy + krunx + kicorse (101st) beat cruentus + Sandgroper + RavenDelgado (DP) on Europe in a very close game, which was interesting till the very end

Little-Mouse(REGL) beats Sandgroper (DP) on Elitist Africa

SeruM + Cowboy (101st) beat Bilal Azam + burninator (DP) on Szeurope


101st and Apps leading the group like expected. Right now I am pretty conficent both of them will qualify for C. LEA had a nice start, but now REGL has Litte Mouse in pace and personally I think, they had tougher match ups at the start than LEA. rp also got some wins in, but there seem to be some technical issues for rp-players surrendering games, in which your team mate has already surrendered or got booted.
DP had a bad start and right now only could convince with unlimited fighting spirit playing on games, in which the opponent has twice their income.

Edited 5/7/2018 21:36:30
Clan League 10: Qualifier 3 Official Thread: 5/1/2018 10:04:09

Level 56
I am looking forwards to our 3vs3 krunx. I hope this will be a tougher fight then your last.

(What do you mean by this: "rp also got some wins in, but there seem to be some technical issues for rp-players surrendering games, in which your team mate has already surrendered or got booted."?)
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