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Clan: Icelandic Turtles

Number of members: 10
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRWAFQqQY9Y
Tagline: 'Damn, my original orders would have won the game'
Created: 10/10/2013

Bio: Icelandic Turtles, a group of competitive and highly skilled players.
Icelandic Turtles Activities:
- Clan Chat Game
Here we talk, share games, ideas, tournaments etc.
- Internal clan tournament
Round robin tournament for clan members only.
- Clan league (3rd Place in CL8)
Clans face off in a promotion regulation style league involving head to head round robins in 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3.
- Clan Wars
Battles against another clan by an agreed schedule.

Individual Activities that we encourage:
- Seasonal Ladder
- 1 v 1 Ladder
- 2 v 2 Ladder
- Real-Time Ladder
- 3 v 3 Ladder
- Promotion/Relegation League

*Our clan members have collected 20 Golden Trophies.
Icelandic Turtles Recruitment:
We will only recruit highly skilled players, therefore we will test recruits thoroughly.
If you believe to be a highly skilled player and wish to be part of The Icelandic Turtles, then please feel free to contact any of us who you have played with before by mail or by creating a game.
Icelandic Turtles Memberships:
Once part of this clan we will see you as equal among us. We discuss and decide everything together.
Reasons you can be kicked out for are:

- Inactive for more than 2 weeks without giving a reason in advance
- Having an other (main) account without letting us know before joining.
- Outrageous conduct (has to be seen as such by the majority of the members).
For matters concerning clan league and other clan events, please talk to Master Turtle and he will direct you to the right place.


Wohoo (retired)
Ou Ki/Cao Cao (retired)
Master MB
Turkish (Lynx)

Clan Member Title
Su┼étan Kosmitów {Singularity...}
culpa {Blowfish Baby Boy}
Oh {Deus Fizzer}
Kaerox {Good Biy}
Yoshi the Dinosaur {BlacKnight's Alt}
ANT {Elliott WaveSurfer}
Cany0ne {Nackickwind}
Pickles157 {Buns157}
Wartortle {Master Turtle}