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Clan: Icelandic Turtles

Number of members: 17
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRWAFQqQY9Y
Tagline: We're old and taking our time.
Created: 10/10/2013

Bio: Icelandic Turtles, a group of competitive and highly skilled players.

Icelandic Turtles Activities:
- Clan Chat Game
Here we talk, share games, ideas, tournaments etc.
- Internal clan tournament
Round robin tournament for clan members only.
- Clan league (3rd Place in CL8)
Clans face off in a promotion regulation style league involving head to head round robins in 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3.
- Clan Wars
Battles against another clan by an agreed schedule.

Individual Activities that we encourage:
- Seasonal Ladder
- 1 v 1 Ladder
- 2 v 2 Ladder
- 3 v 3 Ladder
- Promotion/Relegation League
- MDL: http://md-ladder.cloudapp.net/

Icelandic Turtles Recruitment:
We will only recruit highly skilled players, therefore we will test recruits thoroughly.

Please contact Master Turtle (https://www.warzone.com/profile?p=7724535464) if you are interested in joining or have any questions.


'Damn, my original orders would have won the game'

Former Members:
Sir Dolphin (Founder/Retired)
DanWL (Avengers)
Wohoo (retired)
Ou Ki/Cao Cao (retired)
Master MB (High Kings)
Nox (Sempiternus)
Buns (ONE)
Nackickwind (VS)
Master USA (Masters)
Woswo (GCFWWB)
Judeburger (GCFWWB)
Widzisz (apex)
TianO (Vikinger)
Cookie (101st)
Word Walker (Royal Falcons)

* Denotes an inactive player

Clan Member Title
Sułtan Kosmitów {Singularity...}*
Turkish {British?}
Master Turtle {Muten Roshi}
Nutella {Snack time}
culpa {Blowfish Baby Boy}*
Oh {Deus Fizzer}
Kaerox {Warlight's Best}
Simi the Lunatic {French Canadian}
Laith {Great's Daddy}*
Alexander The Only One {The Only One}
Yoshi the Dinosaur {BlacKnight}
ℳℛᐤ✕ {Variable}
ANT {Arkanton}*
Master of Chaos {Cat Turtle}
Cany0ne {Nackickwind}
Pickles157 {Buns157}
Wartortle {Master Turtle}