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Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/8/2018 09:01:59

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
Arguably one of the most interesting of the Qualifiers, this qualifier feature a very balanced set of clans, and it should be interesting to see how they perform!
For full information on rules/roster/substitutions/etc. please check the Clan League site: http://clan-league.westus.cloudapp.azure.com

Poll> http://www.polljunkie.com/poll/zxgzcw/how-will-the-results-in-q2-end-up
Poll Results> http://www.polljunkie.com/poll/ggexnb/how-will-the-results-in-q2-end-up/view

I plan on updating this every Sunday, good luck to all the participants.

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Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/8/2018 09:02:08

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
Rules relevant to this thread.

Clan Leaders are in charge of managing the substitutions and players on the CLOT. Pay attention to games to avoid boots, nonjoins, etc, or it could cost you valuable points

Help in ongoing games
-It is prohibited to get help or advice in a Clan League game from any player who is not playing in that game. If this happens, both parties are considered to have transgressed and be subject to potential sanction.

Clan Movement
-Every player must be in the clan they represent on each game creation date, otherwise the game will be an automatic loss. If there are players on both teams that are not in the clans they represent, the winner will be chosen at random.
-If a player is present on Clan X’s roster in a given season, and decides to leave clan X to play for another Clan Y. This player cannot play for Clan X again for another 2 seasons. The only exception to this rule is if Clan X drops out of the Clan League.

-A player must be able to create a game by themselves on the template(i.e, unlock all features used on that template including the map itself). So, clans will have to watch out for this and accordingly choose their line-ups. We'll post the minimum level requirements for each template

-Every clan can replace 10 slots (out of 18) over the course of the season. Clan leaders may substitute players for any reason. If player represents 3 slots, they can be partially replaced and continue to play some of the slots as well (i.e. substituted in some, but not necessarily all of their slots). If a clan has used all 10 substitutions over the season, it cannot make any further ones regardless of the circumstances.
-If a player changes clan during the transfer window any slots they occupied for their previous clan will still be applied to the player. If they have occupied N slots for their previous clan they will be allowed to play in 3-N slots for the new clan.
-Do not take control of a retired player's account to save their current games. These games should be forfeit as a penalty for retiring the player.
-In the event of a substitution, the on-going games for the retired player will not be remade. Only games which have not been created will be allotted to the substitute. Both players will use up a slot playing this tournament. A substitution can be carried out here. (http://clan-league.westus.cloudapp.azure.com/changelineup)
-A player who leaves a clan should be immediately substituted, as any new games created with them will result in an automatic loss

Substitutions remaining by clan
CORP		10
Avengers	 8
VIW		10
TSK		 8
Acme		 7
USSR		 9

Substitutions made
Date			Clan			Template	Player Out	Player In
4/4/2018 1:47:56 PM 	Acme Co.		Elitist Africa	ACL Tears	Grievous_II
4/4/2018 3:19:03 PM 	The Seven Kingdoms	Elitist Africa	Darkhorse	Dr. Killa
4/4/2018 3:37:22 PM 	The Seven Kingdoms	Szeurope	Jayden		Redonis【𝓒𝓡𝓔𝓦】
4/5/2018 11:06:32 AM 	Acme Co.		Final Earth	Matt431		FunnyEric
4/5/2018 11:06:46 AM 	Acme Co.		Pangea Ultima	FunnyEric	Matt431	
4/9/2018 12:34:12 AM	USSR			Europe		Sirius Black	alex82500	
5/19/2018 11:26:22 AM 	<--The Avengers-->	Guiroma		DanWL		Diamond Perfume
5/19/2018 11:26:47 AM	<--The Avengers-->	Final Earth	Diamond Perfume	DanWL

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Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/8/2018 09:02:11

Master Cowboy 
Level 60

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Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/8/2018 09:02:15

Master Cowboy 
Level 60

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Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/8/2018 09:02:20

Master Cowboy 
Level 60

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Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/8/2018 13:08:05

Level 61
Victory is ours :)
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/8/2018 13:27:01

│ [20] │MASTER│ Rikku │ I love my wife │ • apex │
Level 61
Let's get bopping CORP stonk
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/9/2018 04:10:21

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
As I create this thread if you have any suggestions for improvements, please let me know.
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/9/2018 05:50:54

Coronel Gavilan
Level 59
Great great job Cowboy
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/9/2018 12:01:31

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Nice Cowboy. I was looking for making the schedule, you made it nice and clean.

Also, if someone has missed the level requirement for the templates (it is in CL Announcement thread, but seems one team didn't notice it):

Level    Template
51        Greece
48        French Brawl
45        Guiroma
45        Pangea
41        Elitist Africa
41        Battle Islands V

50        Final Earth
45        Szeurope
41        Volcano Island

50        Biomes
37        Europe
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/10/2018 02:57:14

Coronel Gavilan
Level 59
I noticed it Mega Knight, but the problem is that I submitted the lineup before our player got inactive. Actually, if you see the thread I was the one commenting that we had 1 player in such situation. I made the effort to contact him and level him up. Nothing came, and well, a lose. No way.
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/10/2018 03:09:03

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
I have more stuff planned for the reserve section, but I also want to do a preview of the week to come (and the games that have started of course, just pretend this is on April 6th or something).

Preview April 7th to April 15th

3v3 Europe
With TSK already receiving a win vs. USSR, it would seem like they should be in good position to push themselves as an underdog, but they already have their hardest task ahead of them, the ACL Tears lead Acme Co. But all eyes will be on Acme's other game, as they take VIW and the most balanced team of this tourney. CORP vs. Hawks will have major implications albeit and that game could provide some good competition. HAWKs and VIW as well as CORP vs. Avengers will help clear the fog in this extremely competitive tourney.

2v2 Szeurope
Rivalry is always a good part of any competition, but it's hard to say how deep it goes between CORP and TSK's John John Johnson. If the stakes weren't high enough, you could also argue this is for the tourney winner, so who will gain not only key points, but eternal bragging rights? HAWKS and Avengers are looking to sneak up under the two favorites and snatch victory though, but to do that they first must fight each other, and hope that momentum propels them into an incredible run.
CORP must not get too distracted, because they face a formidable VIW squad, looking to seize the moment. Same goes for TSK as they also face HAWKS. USSR enters this tourney as heavy underdogs, toppling Acme or Avengers could go a long way in pushing for a top spot.

1v1 French Brawl
Without a doubt, HAWKS vs. VIW is an exciting game to matchup to look forward to, featuring arguably the players in their clans, Let's Fight and lineal2012, respectively. JJJ of TSK should be favored in his matchup vs. Dark Ninja of Acme, but not by much. CORP's Ven is a heavy favorite against Avenger's Hasdrubal.

1v1 Guiroma
HAWKS vs. Avengers may not contain the superstars of the tourney, but does feature the closest skill gap of the first round games. Nemo of CORP is a heavy favorite against Jayden of TSK, but not near as much as ACL Tears going up against Prophet of USSR.

1v1 Elitist Africa
This tourney starts off with all three games featuring underdogs, as Andre (VIW) is expected to beat randomperson (Avengers), AlexB (HAWKS), to top Gavilan (USSR), and tourney favorite, Dutch Desire (CORP) expected to to beat Grievous (Acme).

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Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/10/2018 17:26:04

Level 66
Great work Cowboy. Enjoy the insight and analysis.
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/11/2018 12:59:02

John John Johnson
Level 58
As perhaps the most controversial player in this Qualifier, Ill add a little spark to the proceedings. And so I guess a JJJ shitpost wouldnt hurt nobody, or everybody:

1: USSR - Broke Russian Putinators
Ive never seen so much talent in one clan ever. Albeit Raw talent, its nonetheless talent. A class above the rest and certainly destined to destroy all other competition. Shouldve been in Div A, my humble opinion, but will have to bide their time and keep vital players such as their amazing Europe 3v3 team intact for further season. The only real opponent to Masters imo.

2: TSK - The Schoolgirl Kindergarten, GOT Fangirls, The Stupid Kingdom... Whatever
Has without doubt the strongest player of the qualifiers in their line-up, Redonis (almighty beast) who will try to carry our szeurope team to an amazing 6-0 record despite me booting in all 6 games. Ill do my best to contribute by aiming for an astonishing 0-12 result, boots in all of them, but it wont be enough. OP Killa and Jayden the Girls Scout Cookie Monster will carry us over the line and reach Div C.

3. VIW - Very Unimportant Nobodies
A weak line-up indeed, but due to CORP and me booting and lucky wins in their other games they will catch the all unimportant 3rd spot, fitting their name.

4. HAWKS - Hardly Acknowledgeable Weak Kooky Shit
Will beat CORP, ACME and Avengers, but no match to the strong top three. Pretty decent clan with nothing that catches the eye, except for their history of creating useless tournaments on useless templates.

5: Avengers - DC Comics Fangirls
Do I need to explain myself? Not a single strong player, except Siema whom os banned I think for trying to cheat the system, if Siema returns they might beat HAWKS for the 4th spot

6: ACME Co. - Acne in your face clan
Two weak players in ACL Tears and Dark Ninja, only sligthly better than me and that doesnt get you very far. Good Luck in Div E ;)

7: CORP - The Hijackers
Going to get hijacked in clan league, and by far the clan with the least depth in their line-up... Does 7 even qualify for Div E? If so they will go last there as well. This is the clan I wouldve fitted in, but I booted from life during their selection so they dont have to worry about my bootrate, just their own. Which is already famous <3

(DISCLAIMER: Im JJJ, I have never been serious about anything, so this should be read with a pinch of salt... In your wounds)
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/14/2018 12:46:22

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/14/2018 17:45:46

Coronel Gavilan
Level 59
It seems that all odds are against us lol
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/15/2018 04:41:51

Level 60
Pray for Russian winter.

Decent preview Cowboy.

Edited 4/15/2018 04:42:38
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/15/2018 13:57:37

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
Tbh I can't say would the diagram shall tell me now.

This is not sorted by the result, isn't it. Probably use one color for 1st and one for last and in between graduations of them. Then it gets clearer to get the result of the diagram
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/15/2018 19:39:11

John John Johnson
Level 58
Yeah, make one colour for avg=1 and one for avg=7, and then you can autoscale all avg=? inbetween those two values as gradients. Would make it easier to seethe final results.

For example: You make avg=1 White/Yellowish, and Avg=7 Red. Any 1<avg<2 would get white-ish gradient, 2<avg<3 would get yellow gradient, 3<avg<4 would get light orange gradient, 4<avg<5 would get a deep-orange gradient, 5<avg<6 light red gradient, and finally 6<avg<7 would get a dark scarlet gradient.
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/16/2018 03:35:36

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
Review April 7th to April 15th

The Seven Kingdoms starts off week one with two wins giving them 8 points. First win was a win was a deleted game vs. USSR, caused by a players who's level was too low. John John Johnson extended that lead with a win vs. Dark Ninja (Acme).

[V.I.W.] Very Important Weirdos follows behind with lineal2012 beating (ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! (HAWKS)

<--The Avengers--> and Acme Co. both finish the week at 1v1, having both teams beat USSR in Szeurope. Along with those two wins, they also recorded a 1v1 loss, with DanWL (Avengers) not joining his game vs. Thor (HAWKS), and the aforementioned loss by Dark Ninja to JJJ

HAWKS gets one win and one loss on 1v1s, previously mentioned win vs Avengers and loss to VIW.

CORP is the only clan with no games finished.

USSR has a bad week and falls to 0-3, with 13 points being taken off the max.

Edited 4/16/2018 04:33:24
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/16/2018 03:56:27

Level 59
Betting lines
Win Division
CORP: -355
Acme Co.: +734
VIW: +1013
USSR: +2047
TSK: +10000
Avengers: +10000
HAWKS: +10000

Make Division C
CORP: -2625
Acme Co.: -290
VIW: +734
USSR: +1101
TSK: +2047
Avengers: +2047
HAWKS: +2047

Edited 4/16/2018 03:56:50
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/16/2018 04:56:54

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
Preview April 15th to April 22nd

1v1 French Brawl
CORP and Hawks start a key game between Garlikid D. Ven and (ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!!, lineal2012 will attempt to pick up win number two vs. Dark Ninja, and zaky wil attempt to defy the odds as he plays John John Johnson.

1v1 Guiroma
The two favorites in this tourney battle it out as ACL Tears battles Nemo. DanWL will face Carlos Danger, and Thor plays prophet.
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/16/2018 05:41:08

John John Johnson
Level 58
I bet on JJJ losing to the almighty Tsars of USSR
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/16/2018 14:55:31

Level 61
Wow, those updates look nigh professional. Good job so far, CL team.
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/25/2018 13:14:20

Master Cowboy 
Level 60

The Seven Kingdoms is off to a hot start pulling off 3 wins and 1 loss bringing them to a 5-1 record. It's a good time if you like rooting for the underdog. They pick up wins on Szeurope, French Brawl and Elitist Africa.

VIW also has a good week going up to 12 points, and a 4-0 record with wins on French Brawl, Guiroma, and Elitist Africa. Max points remain intact and they are in good position.

CORP gathers three wins also on French Brawl, Guiroma, and Elitist Africa. They retain maximum points and that will likely remain with their slow play.

HAWKS gains 2 wins and 1 loss and remains above the 100 points max mark. That being said they are falling on the lower end of the pack. Will they be able to rebound?

Acme gets a win on Guiroma vs. USSR, but loses a couple games as well. They have few games completed, but early losses could affect morale. Comebacks are possible though, and ACL Tears can possibly bring it back around.

Avengers has a bad week as they go 0-3. DanWL fails to join a game again, on top of losses on French Brawl and Elitist Africa, the likelihood of hitting the top 2 is slipping.

USSR is 0-8 and is already down to 80 max, one has to wonder if they will score any points soon, but it seems Gavilan is still confident that they will succeed in taking a couple of spots.

Edited 4/26/2018 05:24:01
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/25/2018 13:56:01

John John Johnson
Level 58

Hey all!
To start things off, Im JJJ of TSK. The uncertified and selfproclaimed, helping scorekeeper of Q2. Since I had already written this by the time Cowboy finished his update, I thought why the hell not post it. ENJOY!

    : 4-0 / 12P / 108MP / 100% PC
    : 3-0 / 9P / 108MP / 100% PC
    : 5-1 / 18P / 105MP / 85.7% PC
    : 3-2 / 9P / 101MP / 56.2% PC
    : 2-3 / 7P / 99MP / 43.8% PC
    : 1-4 / 4P / 96MP / 25% PC
    : 0-8 / 0P / 80MP / 0% PC

Finished games 15th April to 25th April:

Review 15th April to 25th April:

So obviously a lot of shit has happened, but I will go through the games in an orderly fashion:

Nemo beat Jayden in Guiroma, in what was as a routine victory by the tournament favorite, with Jayden telling me:
I went for Western Europe ~ Jayden

The next game to finish was me, JJJ, defeating zaky in French Brawl. We later agreed on what decides the winner on this template:
French fries, they are the key to everything

Then, another tournament favorite, Dutch Desire, defeated Grevious_II on Elitist Africa, with Double D later stating:
It was an easy win, he didnt even pick all the red ones, thats the clue to EA ~ DD

That is something Coronel Gavilan must learn, as he lost to both Killa and AlexB. Killa later told me:
Suck it JJJ. Im the MVP of TSK ~ Killa

After this a fight broke out between Redonis and me after we defeated AlexB and TurboTT117, with us disagreeing over who carried:
Ffs JJJ, look at income you lousy, boneless worm ~ Redonis

Almighty Benoit of NWO told everyone that ACL Tears is the best player in all the Qualifiers (He surely didnt include himself, however) and he showed why that might be the case, by crushing Prophet in Guiroma.
ACL Tears, can I have your babies? ~ LeQuébécois_Benoit

The perhaps slowest player in this league also finished a game, Garlikid D. Ven beat Hasdrubal in French Brawl, saying earlier that:
Its not stalling if I do it all the time ~ Garlikid D. Ven

Then Andre Laufmöller beat randomperson on Elitist Africa for some Very Important Points. This, followed by some Very Important Victories by lineal2012 over Dark Ninja on French Brawl and Carlos Danger over Dan"No-Join"WL concluded a Very Important Week by the Very Important Weirdos, putting them first with a comfortable 3-points lead.
Im making it exciting! We all know Avengers are OP ~ DanWL "The Best Warzoner in the World"

The week ended by USSR slumping to two other defeats, Coronel Gavilan lost to Killa on Elitist Africa and Prophet lost to Thor on Guiroma. Later you could hear sobbing from the USSR Ministry of Strat:
USSR will rise, eventually, I hope ~ An anonymous USSR Clanmember

This concludes the Review of this week! Please tell if you think USSR will be able to turn things around, TSK will plumet into a dark pit of misery despite their promising start, or who will be the first to boot from CORP :)

Until next time,
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/25/2018 15:50:33

Level 60
Great job thanks for the fun read. Curious are any of those quotes real?
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/25/2018 17:28:36

John John Johnson
Level 58
Yes, FSG

However, I can guarantee that some are not ENTIRELY true.
I confess to making slight modifications to some of the quotes, in order to better catch the eye of the reader.
AND the quote credited to Garlikid was not really written by him, just about him.
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/25/2018 17:32:21

Level 59
This is legitimately the best scorekeeping update I've ever seen for a Clan League. Please keep doing these, JJJ.
Clan League 10: Qualifier 2 Official Thread: 4/25/2018 20:06:31

Level 56

Edited 4/25/2018 20:07:13
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