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Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/8/2018 22:00:22

Level 60
Welcome, everybody! I'm given the honour of scorekeeping for this group! I'll keep you guys updated on anything that happens. For now, I have regular updates planned on Saturday, but if this group moves quickly I'll update every Wednesday as well.

For additional information on CL10, rules, substitutions, the current standings or anything else, please visit: http://clan-league.westus.cloudapp.azure.com/

The clans playing in this group are:
New World Order   (NWO): https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=217
Preußen Garde     (PG):  https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=184
The Wizards       (Wiz): https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=180
Brothers in Arms  (BIA): https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=31
BR FUDEW          (BR):  https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=37
German Warlords   (GW):  https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=137

They will duke it out on the following templates:
French Brawl:   https://www.warzone.com/multiplayer?GameID=10201646
GuiRoma:        https://www.warzone.com/multiplayer?GameID=13539432
Elitist Africa: https://www.warzone.com/multiplayer?GameID=12744078

Szeurope:       https://www.warzone.com/multiplayer?GameID=14786147

Europe:         https://www.warzone.com/multiplayer?GameID=13527592

Current Standings

Horse Race

With every update done, ill also update the two pictures in the post. That way you can get the latest standings on the first page as well. Ill provide extra details in my updates, so if you're interested in those be sure the check out the latest posts!

I wish all participants good luck! Have loads of fun and may the best clan win!

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Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/8/2018 22:00:33

Level 60
Rules relevant to this thread.

Clan Leaders are in charge of managing the substitutions and players on the CLOT. Pay attention to games to avoid boots, nonjoins, etc, or it could cost you valuable points

Help in ongoing games
-It is prohibited to get help or advice in a Clan League game from any player who is not playing in that game. If this happens, both parties are considered to have transgressed and will be subject to potential sanction.

Clan Movement
-Every player must be in the clan they represent on each game creation date, otherwise, the game will be an automatic loss. If there are players on both teams that are not in the clans they represent, the winner will be chosen at random.
-If a player is present on Clan X’s roster in a given season and decides to leave clan X to play for another Clan Y. This player cannot play for Clan X again for another 2 seasons. The only exception to this rule is if Clan X drops out of the Clan League.

-A player must be able to create a game by themselves on the template(i.e, unlock all features used on that template including the map itself). So, clans will have to watch out for this and accordingly choose their line-ups. We'll post the minimum level requirements for each template

-Every clan can replace 10 slots (out of 18) over the course of the season. Clan leaders may substitute players for any reason. If a player represents 3 slots, they can be partially replaced and continue to play some of the slots as well (i.e. substituted in some, but not necessarily all of their slots). If a clan has used all 10 substitutions over the season, it cannot make any further ones regardless of the circumstances.
-If a player changes clan during the transfer window any slots they occupied for their previous clan will still be applied to the player. If they have occupied N slots for their previous clan they will be allowed to play in 3-N slots for the new clan.
-Do not take control of a retired player's account to save their current games. These games should be forfeit as a penalty for retiring the player.
-In the event of a substitution, the on-going games for the retired player will not be remade. Only games which have not been created will be allotted to the substitute. Both players will use up a slot playing this tournament. A substitution can be carried out here. (http://clan-league.westus.cloudapp.azure.com/changelineup)
-A player who leaves a clan should be immediately substituted, as any new games created with them will result in an automatic loss

How does the qualifying stage work?
-There are currently 3 qualifier groups. In each group, clans will compete against each other and try to get as ranked as high as possible.
-The qualifier stage ends roughly halfway the Clan League once the current 5 tournaments have finished. After this, the qualifier clans will be put into new groups based on their performance.
- The clans that finish 1st or 2nd in the qualifier group will form group C.
-The clans that finish 3rd or 4th in the qualier group will form group D.
-The clans that finish 5th or 6th in the qualifier group will form group E.
-Stage 2 will now start, where clans will compete against other clans of similar skill on the remaining 6 templates.
-Stage 2 will finish around the same time as group A and B.
-The top two clans in group C will promote to group B for next Clan League.
-The clans that finished 3rd to 6th in group C will be given seeds together with the two clans that relegated from B. These seeds will be used to determine in which qualifier group they are next season.

This means that your clan will play all templates, no matter how you perform!

Ive seen a bit of confusion over that last part, so I hope everything is clear now :)

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Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/8/2018 22:00:40

Level 60
Line-up for every template by every clan!

Template      |        NWO        |       PG       |       Wiz      |       BIA       |       BR       |       GW       |
French Brawl  | Gustaf Mannerheim |  Terence Kill  |        6       |    Tartan1314   | Gen Butt Naked |     pr0z4c     |
GuiRoma       | Star of the East  |      nina      |    Davidhmtk   |   Robert E Lee  |   Furacão.BR   |     Janine     |
Elitist Africa|      schwarz      |     Stirax     | Sherlock Holmes|     rlhull6     |     Xande38    |    FC Bayern   |
Szeurope      | Gustaf Mannerheim | Butt Schaender |    Davidhmtk   |      Gajda      |  SexMachineRJ  |     shark65    |
              |      Arcturus     |  Terence Kill  |  Lunar Wizard  |      Piper      |      Almir     |   Ban Robisa   |
Europe        |      Chafram      |   GuestNWHSzY  |      Vole      |      Bigby      |      Almir     |     pr0z4c     |
              | LeQuébécois_Benoit|     anolis     | Sherlock Holmes|     Vanguard    |    Timko666    |   Stormguard   |
              |        cj13       |   Olkani [PG]  |  Lunar Wizard  |    Botanator    |  Alexander the |      Totem     |
              |                   |                |                |                 |      Great     |                |

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Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/9/2018 17:05:46

Level 62
Is there a place on the CLOT website where I can see the calendar for the creation of games yet to start?
Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/9/2018 17:30:46

Level 60
Yeah there is! Go to your clanpage on the CLoT and then go to schedule.

Edited 4/9/2018 17:33:20
Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/9/2018 20:06:47

THE TungstenTrex
Level 46
Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/9/2018 20:22:42

Level 63

That image hurts my eyes. Do something about it, amateur.
Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/9/2018 21:12:10

Level 60
Install Muli's userscript so it will fit nicely on the page no matter what, nub.
Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/9/2018 21:22:40

Level 63
Why should I do that when it's your job as scorekeeper to provide good quality updates?

Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/10/2018 06:50:44

Level 60
You would rather go to all forum posts and tell the people there to resize their image and trying to persuade them to do so, instead of clicking one button to download Muli's script? its on you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/13/2018 18:50:26

Level 60
Small update: Q1 is the only group that hasn't finished a single game yet! Even group A is moving faster. This makes it clear that this is the group with the most skill in the entire Clan League!
Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/14/2018 12:39:29

Level 57
Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/15/2018 14:01:34

Level 60
Update 15-04-2018

The first game has finished!

Star of the East (NWO) defeated Furacão.BR (BR)

This means a good start for NWO, who are one of the favourites to promote. BR takes their first hit but there is still more than enough time to turn that around. Things have kicked off in this group!

The standings

Horse race
Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/21/2018 14:59:28

Level 60
Update 21-04-2018

Things are starting to move!

Finished Games

6 games have finished since last update!

French Brawl
6 (Wiz) defeated Gustaf Mannerheim (NWO)
pr0z4c (Ger) defeated General Butt Naked (BR)
Terence Kill (PG) defeated Tartan1314 (BIA)

Robert E Lee (BIA) defeated Janine (GER)
Davidhmtk (WIZ) defeated Janine (GER)

Elitist Africa
Sherlock Holmes (Wiz) defeated Xande38 (BR)

French Brawl Wiz vs. NWO: https://www.warzone.com/multiplayer?GameID=15375994
French Brawl GER vs. BR : https://www.warzone.com/multiplayer?GameID=15375996
French Brawl BIA vs. PG : https://www.warzone.com/multiplayer?GameID=15375995
Guiroma BIA vs. GER: https://www.warzone.com/multiplayer?GameID=15389952
Guiroma Wiz vs. GER: https://www.warzone.com/multiplayer?GameID=15458788
Elitist Africa BR vs. Wiz: https://www.warzone.com/multiplayer?GameID=15409904


The Wizards: Wizards is currently in first! They had a great result this week, going 3-0. This means Wizards is now 3-0 in total. A very strong start! Could Wizards be a serious contender for a promotionspot? We'll find out in the coming weeks!

Preußen Garde : PG finds itself in second place! They went 1-0 this week. PG and the Wizards are the only clans who are still undefeated, earning them the top spots. Lets see if PG can hold on to the top and promote!

New World Order: NWO drew first blood, but finds themselves only in 3rd. This is due to their 0-1 result this week. Is this just a fluke or is it a dark omen of a troublesome season for NWO? In total they are now 1-1.

Brothers in Arms: BIA shares 3rd place with NWO for now. They went 1-1 this week to tie NWOs record. Hopefully they can stay as close to the top for the whole season!

German Warlords: GW has a rough start. Being one out of only two clans to go negative so far. Janine unfortunately lost 2 games. pr0z4c brought in a win for them though. They are now at 1-2. A bit of a rough start, but they can easily recover.

BR FUDEW: BR has a bad start. They went 0-2 this week. Their total now stands at 0-3. The only clan to not have a win yet. They are at the bottom. But its not to late to chance that and get some wins. We are only just getting started!


The Standings

Horse Race

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Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/21/2018 17:43:54

It is Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon
Level 5
Slowest Qualifier division. Roughly 50% speed when compared to Q2 and Q3.

and Min, you forgot to update the Horse race picture in the first post :)
Clan League 10: Qualifier 1 Official Thread.: 4/22/2018 20:31:31

Level 60
Correct, thanks for pointing it out!
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