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Clan: The Wizards

Number of members: 42
Link: https://discord.gg/QHUhGYm
Tagline: Real Magic is Hard work and Efforts
Created: 5/19/2015

Bio: Hi,

Welcome to The Wizards Clan page.

Currently the clan is under the spell : Growth; Quality and Quantity growth.

A clan to have some casual games with a bit of strategic learning and play regular tournaments on strategic templates, this is one of the places. The Wizards can provide you with reliable teammates for casual as well as strategic playing and if needed, games are discussed to improve the game play on request.

Clan is run by a council and if you're interested in joining mail to any one of the Sherlock Holmes, Dimitris Wingo, Warzone has penguins? or Toua Tokuchi.

If you're friends with a clan member, he/she can represent your joining. Recruitment through open games is also possible.

Training: We're more strat focused and do regular training events, reviews for Ladders, Tournaments and CL.

Join Discord server https://discord.gg/QHUhGYm for well organized chat room.


Requisites to join:
-Level: 30+ (Not strictly required)

-Skill Level: Decent and above.

-Win rates: Decent Win% (Not so important, if you want to improve and are friendly).

-General: Friendly Social character-not being boot bot and name calling bot. -Willing to play practice games and improve overall.

-Language: English.

-3 months(90 days) of inactivity without prior notice results in exile from the clan. Can join back, once active.

-Alts are accepted as long as they're active and don't harm the clan or the clan's reputation.

ħ : Honorary members, who earned a permanent place in clan.
★- Division Winner of The Wizards P/R League

♛- Clan Champion

CM- Clan Manager

Allied Clans: SNinja, Avengers, USSR, ILLUMINATI ▲, GV, NWO, HAWKS.

Current Activities = Inter-clan 1v1 tournaments,1v1 P/R league(4th season ongoing),1v1 Inter-clan P/R league(ongoing), Inter-clan 2v2 tournament,RCL4,CL10.

Clan League 10 ( http://clan-league.westus.cloudapp.azure.com/group?id=4 ) -Second place in Qualifier 1.

Note: Speedy booters, trash talkers will be removed. Mail to CMs with proof for such things.

Clan Member Title
davidhmtk Beloved Wizard
Mosvart Lightning Wizard ★
Willow Evil Slayer
ChivaHermano Ximenez Goat Wizard
Stu Wiz
Dave the Okay The Wizard of Odd
Bala Kumar M P Young Wizard
Dervel Desire Wizard
Vole Wizard Apprentice ★
Leslie True Wizard
Black ShadowKiza Shadow Magic ★★
Dimitris_Wingo Bingo_Wingo, CM3
Adi MONSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CM1 ★★
Lunar Wizard Moon Wizard
Hergul Warrior Wizard ★
Arri Lion Wizard
Mar3i-2 March Wizard
Bored of Warzone Spoko Wizard ★
Pasta_e_fazzuol sorcerer's fart
Boiled Dove Peaceful Wizard ★
Mossman MAYHEM Wizard
Lord Koros Young Wizard
Stanlyboy Intuitive Wizard
Frostweaver Frost Wizard
falcon Bird Wizard
Sherlock Holmes Sherlocked
6 Number Wizard
uil Kind Wizard
Gilgamesh Unstoppable Emperor
Dziku Brave Wizard
Toua Tokuchi The Traitor , CM4 ♛
Mr. Brown Color Wizard
Insurgent Grand Wizard
The Warrior of pYnk Colorful Warrior
Ace of Spades
Fatcat712 Kitty
BenTheButterKing Summoner
JakeTheSnake Snake Wizard
Cobalt Master Wizard, ħ
Magical Kirby Kirby Wizard, ħ
Warzone Has Penguins? Penguin Wizard, CM2
M.Cozetti CoMrade