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Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 17:24:26

Beep Beep I'm A Jeep 
Level 64
Hello everyone,

I decided to spend my coins on something actually useful, so I will give away one lifetime membership.
There are lots of lovely people I would like to give the membership to, but I have to decide.

For this, we will have a poem-competition!

The challenge is to send in the most creative, exciting, beautiful, lyrically appealing poem out of all the contenders!

Some more criteria:

- Must be a love poem directed towards Lynx.
- Direct links to Lynx members, history, achievements etc. are welcome (hints: CL8, Outlaws, France, Jordan, ...)
- You have to be okay with the poem being published (maybe on the Lynx clan page or elsewhere)
- I will be the one to decide which poem wins
- Must be sent as PM to me or here in the forum thread. (Going public first/early gets rewarded slightly in my mind)
- If you already have a membership, you can participate and gift it to someone who is not your alt.

If you're trying REALLY hard you can also send me a video of you reciting the poem. It will give a huge boost!

Deadline is the 30th September.

Good luck! Impress me.

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Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:05:54

Level 62
There once was a clan named Lynx
Elite with a case of the thinks
Clan League they did play
Alright some might say
Goes with 101st for drinks
Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:06:21

Level 61
i entered

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Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:16:06

King Samarand
Level 60
TBA is better than Lynx
Despite all of our kinks
Bob will eat your candy
Cuz you are all pansies
And I might also poke your eyes
Yet you still love us
So we just gotta love you guys
<3 ;) ;)
Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:16:26

Level 61
- downvoted post by tiger
Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:19:19

Level 56
I love all Lynx members,
If they are not pretenders,

But most i love AI,
For when I’m not with him i cry.

Oh the clan of great lynx,
For all their great thinks,

Is awesome in every way,
Every time in every day.
Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:19:29

Level 56
Nice king s
Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:23:29

Max Scherzer 
Level 62
Lol this is funny
- downvoted post by Torsten
Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:25:17

King Fungus
Level 56
There is once a clan called lynx
I tried to join
they turned me down
Alex is fat
and al is blue
oh and the 101st is poo
and I still love you through and through lynx

Love ya lynx and Al see ya at the end

Edited 9/9/2020 17:00:30
Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:25:37

Level 61
Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:26:05

Level 61
please dont one up me, i want a membership
Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:27:20

Max Scherzer 
Level 62
There was a land, belonged to the Lynx,
Almost as grand as the Sphinx.
"A poem must be written, with no kinks,"
AI stated,
"And no links"
He furthermore stated.

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Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:33:55

King Fungus
Level 56
max you poem is kinda lousy just quotes nothing from the heart
if I were you I would go get a life a experience other clans and you might
just might have a good shot at winning
Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:36:37

Level 65
There is a clan called Lynx.
Full of cheaters, it stinks.
I wish someone would ban this bunch of villains.
And with them, their 101st minions.

Edited 9/8/2020 18:37:06
Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 18:40:02

Level 57
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Lynx is very epic
Can I have membership pls

Lifetime Membership Giveaway: 9/8/2020 19:10:08

Level 58
=== How Lynx came into existence ===

The 101st council expressed their dissatisfaction:
"Guys, we must take action,
the problem is acute,
we must give Blowfly the boot."

But what was completely indisbutable,
Blowfly was unbootable.

So someone came up with an epic plan:
"Let's just start a new clan,
and then let us leave our trash behind."
Was the plan from the mastermind.

And now you guys all see:
That's how Lynx came to be.

Edited 9/8/2020 19:21:32
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